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  1. While there definitely are athletes from other countries who have been caught doping, Lance Armstrong comes to mind, no other country have been revealed to have actually had a state funded and state planned doping scheme. Also, the sheer number of Russian athletes (on all levels, in almost every sport there is) who have been caught doping is a strong indicator of how large of a problem this is.

  2. ..Okay? Because the country doesn't exist anymore, it doesnt matter? You realize that quite a handful of those athletes are still alive and still trying to get justice because of the devastating effects it had on their health, right? Just the other day I was reading an article where an East German athlete was speaking about how she was taken by the secret police in the middle of the night and interrogated because she had stopped taking the pills and powders her coach gave her. People were forced to take these substances. If that's not state sponsored doping, what is??? Athletes are a vulnerable group, and have been exploited time and time again by people who dont care about the person and only care about the medals. A huge part of the reason why our anti-doping infastructure exists today is because of the East German athletes who later spoke out when it was safe for them to do so.

  3. I wish we had some kind of automod for these types of posts that linked people to a a small selection of the times where this question has been answered.

  4. I didn’t see the caption at first and immediately thought they looked kind of alike but I’m not sure if it’s just cause they have the same facial expression.

  5. I completely agree with the other 2 comments. This sub is about figure skating, not a place to discuss.. whatever this is. Regardless of that, it is wrong to speculate about a person in this way, especially on the Internet. Also, am I the only one who finds this to be weirdly worded.. like “We welcome all opinions” Who is we?!

  6. Genuinely confused by everyone asking how they’re qualified and also no one understanding that you build an elite school. They’re not going to snap up reigning national champions, like others building programs they’ll look for rising talent and grow.

  7. Yeah... I dont think people realize that a FS coaches' resume is essentially just a list of personal accomplishments in the sport and then your contact info LOL

  8. I think that a sports documentary style TV show would be great for expanding the sport. I mean, look at what Drive To Survive did for Formula 1. But there's more than enough money in F1 to pay for a Netflix series with high production value, and thats not the case at all in figure skating. So I'm curious as to how this will go.

  9. Nathan is a highly influential skater for the current men's scene in terms of layout, jumps, costumes, music choices, etc. and all Lysacek is remembered for is being straighter than Johnny Weir.

  10. For anybody looking for something to watch, Johnny was the subject of a documentary many years back following him during his elite years. TSL has it to watch for free on their channel.

  11. The impression i got from that documentary wasn't that he didnt care, it was more that in order to cope with the pressure and his mental health issues he detatched emotionally from what was going on, if that makes sense.

  12. 50 minutes in and we already have a comment removed 😭😭😭

  13. I’m trying to figure out wtf the comment was even about, and context clues via the replies are just making it even more baffling.

  14. Everyone who wants the spiral sequence back should be required to watch a compilation of mediocre spirals.

  15. Ngl i love Nathan's Nuclear Fission shirt.

  16. There was some stuff they said in the comments that gave an indication to me who it was.

  17. Yeah... im not even sure what to say. Its all pointing in one direction.

  18. This is like Mishin saying that Misha totally has a 4A

  19. Okay, so in one statement we've got excuses ranging from boot problems, a bad fall, to a chemical burn in the eye.... Amber's goal should be to make it to the ice without a plethora of excuses for why she's not skating well. I don't think we'll see her at worlds again.

  20. I dont either, even though I want her to do well

  21. You can place very high with consistent triples right now... priorities.

  22. I don't understand people who are saying that Ilia is just a jumping machine. He's so musical! He's performing! He's enjoying himself!

  23. People see the things they want to see. People were saying that Nathan has no artistry even in 2022. Its just confirmation bias.

  24. All the relaxation has left my body DO WELL PLS

  25. Andrew Torgashev and Max Naumov getting on the podium at US Nats was huge for me this season. So excited for their futures!

  26. Does he not live in Russia anymore? I totally understand the attitude, but given how totalitarian Russia is becoming, I'd expect him to be a whiff more diplomatic.

  27. Branding so on point, he and Ari didn't even come up with this one. I'm looking forward to the theatrics of Raf getting heated in the media if Ilia does well but comes in 2nd and sitting in the KnC like Roman was just a place holder all season for his lordship and I mean that affectionately.

  28. I love a good Raf and the media moment

  29. Exactly! I’m pissed at EA for forcing me to switch when Origin was working just fine

  30. Ive been looking around for a solution and if you go to the EA app forums a ton of Sims players have been having the same problems for MONTHS. This is outrageous. I cant believe they would force us to switch if they knew the EA app was broken :/

  31. Yeah, this is my last straw. I mean I cant even play the games I purchased from them so theres no reason to buy from them in the future. I mean truly WTF. How is this legal?

  32. Thanks for sharing that! I genuinely do want to get the story out or spread awareness for this insane medical system we have.

  33. Try contacting local journalists too... This is truly insane.

  34. Winter music and steps still give me the chills, even in a silly program. Went and rewatched the original :-)

  35. Cant believe they got Tsiskardize for this lmao

  36. unpopular opinion but i still dont understand why shes still salty abt getting silver. she acts like its the worst thing in the world... its a fucking olympic medal! she should be proud. silver isnt bad. silver isnt losing. silver is truly amazing. i just dont get why she acts like silver is truly bad

  37. I agree. The tragedy of getting a medal at the most prestigious sporting event in the world somehow isnt very compelling

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