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  1. Every few months (Roughly 3 months between different league starts lately, you can see the league history here:

  2. The ignoring of white items whilst levelling is a bit more nuanced than just ignore them from act 2 until red maps.

  3. Everyone who was playing D4 (not just POE streamers) were talking about POE and how it compares and how POE is in a different category now and is the baseline for ARPGs so I’m sure POE is getting exposure just from steamers and YouTube videos talking about it.

  4. Yep, when D3 came out the comparisons were all still very D2 focused with many of the big names actually coming from the MMO scene.

  5. Speculation, but my guess is a combination of Valve not going with BTS for any major coverage moving forward, and also Papa Johns (their big sponsor for Smash last year) was not renewed this year. Those are definitely Summit's two main stays. Securing new sponsorships was difficult due to decrease in spending by companies in general, and the fact that smash is volatile with Nintendo shutting down tournaments on a whim.

  6. They also have to deal with really high overheads compared to their rival studios due to their location, they have a huge studio in the LA area and, by all accounts that I've heard, pay their staff a reasonable wage.

  7. There is an exception to fasting while traveling. I'd imagine that in ancient Arabia, traveling across the desert would take its toll on you.

  8. Whilst their intentions may not be the best, I'd say eating on a flight to somewhere with a reasonable time difference is fine as your fast would be majorly extended or shortened because of it anyway.

  9. Thing is "trash wars" as its called doesn't exist in the actual game. First of all a very slim minority of games even run out of gold and tank the market. Secondly, "trash wars" are Hussars vs economy, walls and halbs vs the Hussars. You're not gonna raid with champions.

  10. Proper trash wars tend to happen more on somewhat closed maps and often end up as Halb + Skirm vs Hussar + Skirm.

  11. Cant remember the last time I saw a skirmisher on a closed map

  12. There were a few good examples of true trash wars I remember in Titans League, Regicide Fortresses & Ghost lake come to mind.

  13. I think the trick is to buy something and then ask if they have any spare bones etc you can have.

  14. Yep, my butcher is fairly generous with freebies, I've had plenty of bones, some sausage casings and even some kidneys from them.

  15. Please avoid posting AI art as it is against the subreddits rules, future cases will result in the post being taken down.

  16. Made this as well, it was delicious but never again.

  17. I've only read Amane's full arc so far and that was pretty damn dark

  18. The tech really needs to be deleted, it's like if Goths had an eco bonus and Huskarls countered cavalry.

  19. Made these with beef a few years back, came out really well just make sure you you don't under fill them.

  20. That explains why the 3 nations in the pacific work together without UK which isn't a pacific nation.

  21. For Aus & Canada the big military arrangements have been around navies which makes perfect sense as the UK is an ally and has arguably the most advanced navy in the world.

  22. Yep, the Royal Navy didn't mandate swimming tests until 1879.

  23. Nowadays carries aren't really buying stat items directly tied to their main attribute anyway, in fact Bloodthorn & Hex are some of the strongest late-game carry items despite the latter offering no stats to Str or Agi carries.

  24. Seeing "implicit none" still gives me nightmares

  25. eSIMs, basically just a chip built into the phone which does the same thing.

  26. You buy a plan as normal and then activate it through their app or by scanning a given QR code.

  27. Except they are more likely to encounter technical faults because maintenance standards are lower than at a standard rate airline. Combine that with a fleet of used, high-hour aircraft that require more maintenance and eventually you get things like this.

  28. All of the major Europan low-cost airlines have outstanding safety records and very young fleets

  29. I think that's mostly the case for the GL players as well, in Vipers VLOG from yesterday they were discussing of Jordan will use some of the strats today to avoid elimination.

  30. 2005 called and wants it's coal industry talking points back.

  31. The point was valid back then, leading us to replace coal with gas as still bad but a much better option.

  32. Omg Yo vs ACCM game 4 is crazy…

  33. They must be exhausted after that,

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