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  1. This title reads like an epic, new Post Rock album that's about to drop

  2. Yeah, the dude was in the dark for most of spring/summer training and Kyle had to revamp the offense from fitting Trey to fitting Jimmy. People here are quick to jump on Jimmy but right now he’s our QB and I’m rooting for him like I rooted for Gabbert, Hoyer, Beathard, Mullens. A lot of this fan base forgot or weren’t here for the Ken Dorsey or Trent Dilfer days!

  3. Whoa, that is just bonkers to read! That's cool they're busting out the old playbook – they need to make examples out of these crazies. Thanks for the sticky!

  4. I recall someone asking why was the Battle at Hells deep so clearly lighted if it was nighttime.

  5. I think a movie with a realistic night battle, only lit by actual fire would look exhilarating. Dune, of all things, has more realistic nighttime warfare, where the environment is lit by the explosions happening all around. It's straight up beautiful.

  6. that 15 leg parlay guy is gonna hate the niners for the rest of his life

  7. I don't even know what that means but sounds bad hahaha

  8. A dude had hit all the games on a parlay bet for like $80k or something close. Got a buyout offer for $23k or something close to it. The parlay only wins if the Rams win. He turned down the buyout and now has $0 to show for hitting all but one of his parlay.

  9. I remember thinking “wtf asked for this?” And I’m not ashamed to now say, I wish I did.

  10. Ha ha well Rogue One was well liked and continues to grow on fans

  11. No, I loved rogue one. Just thought this show wasn’t wanted. But here we are.

  12. Well when you look at it from a production standpoint it makes sense. Rogue One is well liked and Tony Gilroy made Bourne Identity.

  13. I don't have high expectations for Jimmy's passing, but I don't blame him one bit for making quick reckless throws when the O-line is getting btfo on every snap.

  14. Yeah they're supposed to be great, but he looks rushed almost every play.

  15. Hey I agree with you, but I think you meant to write painting not "planting" fyi

  16. Ha ha no worries – I love Frida so I'm enraged too. The idea of destroying art is disturbing AF, and feels like some straight up fascist behavior

  17. Haha that's my exs profile. I should probably delete it, she's the reason I stopped having a ps3 for the last several years! She won that fight!

  18. Oof sounds a lot like me – my ex stole my PS4…didn't get another one till last great year

  19. I was able to still keep the ps4 and xbox one when we broke up in 2015. But she got the ps3, 2 360s, wii, wii u, ps2, n64, ps vita, 3ds xl, etc. Lol. I made a great sacrifice to keep my 2 main machines.

  20. I feel your pain, brotha. I didn't get another console till the Switch, like two years later. She really knew where to hurt me: super abusive.

  21. I didn't think it was possible to love this show more

  22. I switched back to Fallout and I've been enjoying the exploration

  23. I keep switching between being addicted to fallout or addicted to souls lol

  24. Very true – I wish they'd port 3 & New Vegas to new gen. Been playing 4 which is a bit lackluster.

  25. I keep hearing about this guy but I've never seen him before

  26. Yeah Robin has a pretty face but almost everyone Ted and Barney date is hotter imo

  27. Ha ha never thought about that, but yeah Zoe really got me. That actress is so expressive – when she asks Ted why he can't be around her, or their argument in the hallway, I really wanted them to go far. At least……until you meet Tracy, then I was like eh nevermind ha ha

  28. Jennifer Morrison is super pretty <3 She's great on House and Once Upon a Time, too. And a much better character on both (a main one on both, too).

  29. I forgot about her in House…now I remember haha What is Once Upon a Time about? I feel like I should know, but I can't recall

  30. I dunno - I don’t get the same enjoyment of the scenery and magical feel of the world in ROP. It’s something I can put my finger on but something about just watching the shire for hours with Hobbit theme is so relaxing. yet the ROP scenes feel hollow and set-like.

  31. Well they look very CGI and clean, kind of like the Star Wars Prequels: while Rings was designed very meticulously, using real sets, and practical effects, and was also shot on film. If they aren't careful mixing all those first examples will produce a very artificial and doctored look.

  32. I forgot Neptune had rings – thought this was Saturn first glance

  33. I was there in LA watching Jimmy making what I thought was his last throw as a niner in LA back in Jan. Watching him jog onto the field today to take the ball was surreal.

  34. He's also exceptionally good at landing porn stars. Can't forget that one

  35. You got beat by Gur-ropp-a-lo? Pohn Star Jimmy? Jimmy G? – Steven A. Smith

  36. I was in college and after hours of coverage in the dorm we finally had to take a break. We gathered up all our friends and put on the most non-dramatic movie we could thing of just to stop crying and get a break from the insanity. To this day Dude, Where's My Car is still linked with 9/11 in my head.

  37. I was hoping for Fields and dreading Mac Jones at the Lance was a real surprise to me.

  38. That's what I was thinking. Think the team got a little too cute, and thought they found what no one was looking for…sometimes you fool yourself.

  39. Jesus, it looks like Trey didn't even know he was hurt until he stood up. I was in a car accident when I was 20 and I shattered my heel. It went completely numb until I tried to walk. Once I stepped on it, it was the worst pain I ever felt before that and have never felt pain like it since.

  40. That happened to me playing baseball in highschool. Slid into a base and jackass trapped my foot, breaking my leg. Didn't feel it until I tried to walk on it. Unbelievable pain, man.

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