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  1. If anyone passes through Aberdeen on their Scotland trip have a look at the Aberdeen whisky shop. Excellent place with tons of indie bottles and the owner let's you try some bottles that are open and you're curious about. I promised I'm not associated with them but I was so pleased with that shopping experience

  2. I meant to imply that it's whisky that often time isn't great. The cask has either done too little or too much

  3. I’ve had the 10 cs batch 6 and the 15. I really want to like Glenallachie, but the base spirit is just so harsh. Having drunk them down past the shoulder I’m going to let them sit for a few months to mellow out. Probably will not buy another bottle until Billy Walker’s juice is old enough for a bottle.

  4. So these 10 and 12 year olds are not the creations of Billy walker. How long has he been at glenallachie

  5. I have 12 year from 2021 and the 10 year batch 2 and 6. The 12 is my least favorite of the 3.

  6. I one hundred percent agree. Ready to get downvoted for this but whatever. If youve taste ardbeg new make spirit it's not that much different tbh

  7. They had some last week at Feis, £49 a tin.

  8. Behind the main stage was a pink tent, you'd have passed it if you queued for the 1.1 & 1.2 bottles, the most heartbreaking thing was they had some bottles of Black Art 4.1 for £150 each.

  9. Oh like the malt bar at the back. That's a good price. Vet it sold out quickly

  10. How does the Corryvrecken compare to the Laphroaig 10yr CS? I have a back up bottle of the Laphroaig 10CS and 3 of the Corryvrecken…..just saying and I have the 10yr CS 13. I got it at $77 just before it went up and the Corryvrecken was at $82 in Massachusetts last week and they don’t charge tax! Now I can’t drink them cause they will be gone.

  11. I also have batch 13 and I think the 10 cask strength is far better than both uige and Corrry. I actually find the Corry far too young and edgy. Not at all well rounded. If that's your thing go for it. I'd say the Corry is just a step up from the wee beastie honestly.

  12. Oogie is nice but I'm a Corry man. I don't want to taste the ashtray. I want to be the ashtray.

  13. I was researching and apparently before single malts were the craze this blend was well regarded. I was watching a YouTube video about the history of Feis ile and it showed lagavulin distillery in the 80s and it had a huge white horse banner/sign. The white horse distilling company was owned by lagavulin and craigellachie.

  14. I love the Moine warehouse 9 selection from bunnahabhain. They are incredible!!!

  15. Where did you find the 18? That thing is like super rare now.

  16. I want to get the lore to compare it side by side. The lore essentially replaced the 18

  17. What can I say about the 10 cask strength that hasn't already been said. Going into the line up I expected the ten to be my favorite.....

  18. Such a good one. Was sipping the oogie and corry side by side last night. Both are so delicious and unique, and extremely drinkable despite their proof.

  19. I recently tried the corryvrekan and found it really young and phenolic. Upon nosing and tasting it was surprising why this is even discussed against the oogie. The uigedail is far better whisky imo

  20. This is the grim reaper character. Brady was the death of that chiefs team.

  21. Most distillerys have special tastings or events on, however these are usually sold out well before the day (most already done for this year). These are always dissapointingly small numbered events, meaning the vast majority don't get a sniff.

  22. The ones that charge for entry, I looked it up and bruichladdy is 5 quid. Do they offer more than the other days like give you a free dram or something?

  23. The second photo is from years later but the lighting and colour of shirt I think would work in the family photo

  24. Thanks for this. It's excellent. The color and shading match

  25. It's my finest bottle. Reminds me of leather that's been burnt/ branded. Dying fire the morning after camping. It's really good. Someone said that there's older stock in this one beyond the 18 years

  26. Bowmore as a "brand" may be a joke to many serious scotch drinkers, but their distillate certainly is not. When the unadultered form is out on display (usually through IB) it has potential to be amongst the best distillates on the market.

  27. My only experience with IB bowmore was a signatory vintage 2000. Didn't enjoy it too much and remember it tasted like wet grass

  28. There are still good Bowmores, but you gotta pay for them. For example, I think the Vintner’s Trilogy and 27-Year Timeless were all quite good.

  29. They're sherry aged malts are excellent. A family friend let me try the Feis single cask 666 from a couple years back and I thought that was fantastic but as another commenter mentioned very expensive stuff

  30. Yeah, it’s going to be auction and not worth the price if you are going on taste alone. If you really just want it that’s a different story and totally fine. I did this with Ardbeg Alligator about a year ago.

  31. What's the difference between committee release and regular release apart from the ABV?

  32. I am not sure what the favor is or how connected your friend is to the bottles, so I’ll assume the favor was huge and that he truly is happy to give you any of these (and that he won’t bear resentment if you pick something really extraordinary).

  33. Thank you for the thought out response. I got the sense from some other comments that I was ripping off my friend without them having a clue of the favour or the dynamics of our relationship. This friend was solely responsible for getting me to love and appreciate single malts. He's now working on an illustrated book about Islay and I've helped him edit the book which has taken a long time and probably will take further work.

  34. Yeah dude. Restrained choice is the right answer here. Pick something fairly average out his collection. Even if he insists.

  35. Be interesting to see a matchup between the white horse bottle vs lagavulin distillers edition.

  36. Hello, thanks for reviewing this for us. I missed this bottle, as I only got into Cairdeas in 2014. I'm looking at my bottle of 2017 Cairdeas, and it does NOT say it was 15 years old. It says it is a quarter cask version at 57.2% abv, i.e. cask strength. I have not seen any Cairdeas at 43% abv. Typically, they change the abv based on the year of issue. That is: 2013 = 51.3%, 2014=51.4%, 2015=51.5%, 2016=51.6%, the 2017 as noted above at 57.2%. the 2018=51.8%. 2019 was cask strength, as was the 2021 PX Cairdeas. 2020=52.0%. As far as the 2017 Cairdeas is concerned, I did not like it at all. It tasted like someone had been sawing at a fresh cut oak log, gathered up the sawdust, and put it in a bottle with a little alcohol. OK, a lot of alcohol. In other words, way too woody.


  38. What did shipping run you? Curious as this is something I would like to try as well!

  39. Decided to get one of these tasting sets from masters of malt as these are all bottles or distilleries I want to explore in the coming year. Are there any on here that you would not recommend. Mainly thinking about those two independent bottles from boutiquey and darkness

  40. I recently got this one...a Christmas present to self. I know what you mean with the very long finish. I find the same happens with heavily peated sherry drams. Quick question how many of you buy a second bottle in anticipation of finishing a bottle? I can't bring myself to do this even if I really enjoyed it seeing as there are so many Whiskies to try. Its fun to reminisce on bottles you've finished. I've had the same bottles twice but it's gifts that were given to me.

  41. The specific whiskies described are for the US market not the UK market, but this is a pretty good overview of these kinds of whiskies:

  42. Glenmorangie 10 is the one I have in mind if I can't decide on any of these store brands. It's often around 26£ on sale.

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