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I’m a paraplegic with a trach. For my 30th birthday I went skydiving to knock something off my bucket list & almost kicked the bucket instead. Falling from the sky like a rag doll, I broke my femur, tibia and both arms, as my limbs flailed like wet noodles. I would love for Reddit to roast me

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  1. Any update with the coolermaster comparison?

  2. Spinning rust is enough for photo storage, jfc.

  3. Sorry, it's not photo deep storage. These will be accessed and written to/edited on a constant basis. Will the price of nvme and SSD dropping precipitously, I was trying to figure out if there was a downside to spending just a tiny bit more to get drastically improved (over platters) read/write speeds

  4. This will stay connected and be used weekly-ish. Thanks!

  5. Lmao Doctors dont want to hear a story, they want to hear, “this hurts”

  6. I read this 3 times and couldn’t stop laughing. Thank you

  7. Sorry for the slow reply, I missed your message somehow. I don’t find the mounting position too bad, and preferably it would be better if the wall were a couple feet behind the couch but I don’t have the room to pull the couch out that far but I do find that overall the sound is immersive with the right movie and audio signal (atmos for example). To get the best experience I’ll sit in the middle of the couch with the frames on either side of me and its more than acceptable for my needs. I’ve had full surround set ups before and can say it’s quite comparable even though the room layout isn’t ideal.

  8. Awesome response! Ours is a similarly frustrating layout so that’s great info. Glad it passes the kids test

  9. Same here. Every time my boys ask for something I ask if they have money. "Daddy, can I have popcorn?" You got popcorn money? "It's only .50" Well if it's only .50 then you should have no problem buying some popcorn

  10. One question what was the car I know lenders take that into account sometimes like if the car is seeking for 25k but it’s only worth 18 kbb then even if you put 5k down they will loose money if you don’t make a payment vs if that car is worth 22k then that 5k down payment gets you below that line

  11. Usually you can't finance more than 110% of the NADA value. I have never seen a non predatory place finance a depreciating asset that already has negative equity 😬

  12. Yeah I anticipate high interest rates and that’s fine iam going to pay it off faster then my loan is by close to twice as fast but will they give me a loan at all

  13. It's improbable, but wilder things have happened. Especially if you go to a more predatory place of business.

  14. I'll definitely take a look! My wife bought a gla on a whim when they first came out because she thought it was "cute." After a few years of driving it up and down the Autobahn I'm of the strong opinion that it is one of MBs worst I'm pretty hesitant on their "entry models"

  15. The early GLA were kinda mehhh, but while this GLB may not be the best vehicle it is a great package for a small suv

  16. Solid ideas! I'll take a look at the countryman this week

  17. Where in the EU are you located and how soon do you need/want it?

  18. But it comes with a free frogurt. That’s good. The frogurt is also cursed. That’s bad.

  19. Afterwards, you will have a nice roux to create the worst gravy the world has ever seen.

  20. You can turn right on red if you stop first. If you dont, people will flip their shit on you.

  21. I loathe soy that's not sweetened, tastes awful. Wont even touch oat milk, boke. Rice milk was the median that I enjoyed the most, though it's so sweet I'm fairly certain it's got more sugar in it than fortified calcium, lol.

  22. Check out hazelnut milk. When my wife decided to minimize our dairy intake it was the only one I really found enjoyable

  23. Or the need to open your windows without bugs getting in. Where are all the darn window screens?

  24. This is my biggest pet peave about living in Germany. On the rare occasion it gets +35*C we just go on holiday... Outside of that....the no screens boggles my mind.

  25. you do know there are mosquito nets you can install yourself? just stick em in the inside of your window.

  26. True, but my house is about a year's more about why, in this day and age, are these omitted?

  27. Its a bold strategy Cotton, lets see if it pays off.

  28. Made me laugh out loud...will have to watch this later.

  29. Followup - I picked up a Tom Bihn Daylight and it's exactly what I needed. Thanks for all the recommendations! Also, Jack Wolfskin has a good one called the Caribo that's a bit smaller but very nice.

  30. wow! this one is really cool. The inflatable back panel is a really neat idea. good rec

  31. I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.

  32. removal or at least a cap on political donations. Hopefully forcing people to be polititians to help and not become rich/as a career

  33. Hmmm. I got about $4400 worth of stuff I didn’t order. I’ve got the return labels taped to the boxes ready to go…

  34. Feel free to send ray this way 😁

  35. I ordered Arc+Sub, received Arc+Arc+Sub+Sub. Paid double, no refund yet. This is in Norway, so looks like this problem is both in Europe and US.

  36. Feel free to send sub to Germany 😁

  37. how collapsible is it? I have a leather weekender and I want to find something I can collapse and store in the weekender in transit and then take out and use during the day.

  38. So the Beam acts as a center speaker and the 2 Symfonisk speakers act as FRONT left/right speakers?

  39. Nope. The beam acts as L/C/R. The symfonisk would only be rear L and rear R

  40. I buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Sounds simple, but my kids have no idea what canned green beans taste like and it shows.

  41. Hi, I am Sorry but seems like Sonos doesn’t want this and they started to prevent this. Probably this was done with a recent SW update. It started already with SW 14 where the same behavior as you mentioned was seen with a Symfonisk Bookshelf configured as a Sub. After SW 14 there was no more sound coming out. Seems like now they flipped the switch for mixed Surrounds (maybe only for Symfonisk). I’m not sure about the strategy behind this… Anything I had in mind to try you already did. Thanks Sonos.

  42. Ah man! Super frustrating. You're right. Them changing this is unnecessary. I bought an extra play:1 and picture frame for this specific reason/room. Now I'll have to go a different direction.....which means less Sonos. So them reducing the flexibility isn't helping anyone. Thanks for the app and the reply! mfg

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