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  1. That whole segment was awesome, this entire episode has been focused on this one story basically, MORE OF THIS PLEASE

  2. Wait, does the fact that Page didn't sound 100% sure that it was the BBC that got Bucks last week mean that it could possibly not be the BCC?

  3. Hook showing up to answer LA Knight’s challenge confirmed

  4. It’s not a coincidence he brought old dirt up like 2 hours after Punk made his IG post about the Steve Kiern book and how back in the day the guys fought and talked it out the next day.

  5. Imagine if CM Punk was the one who attacked the Young Bucks 🤯

  6. Sorry... Kenny v Logan Paul? What a waste of Kenny

  7. I get your point but I have a feeling their styles would crash really well and put on a match for the ages. Also would be a great way to expose Kenny to a whole new set of eyes

  8. It got a nice reaction but it got drowned in the piped in crowd noise

  9. Wait do they constantly pipe in crowds noise?

  10. Personally hoping the lapse is waiting to announce it as the locale for Forbidden Door II over the summer.

  11. That would be great, hopefully with a dynamite/rampage beforehand

  12. Deluded Chelsea fan, there is also a Chelsea player in the box so you play on

  13. There is also dortmund players, so it’s a violation

  14. I don’t think anything is edging out MJF-Danielson

  15. John Cena and Austin Theory’s face off is like WWE’s version of the MJF and CM Punk face off

  16. When MJF went to use the belt against Bryan in OT the ref warned him that he would lose it if he uses it, is that because the ref changed the rules to make that a thing or is it because in an iron match, the score is what counts so even if Bryan gets the 4th fall by DQ he’ll still have won the match 4-3 and thus the title?

  17. I can't think of an AEW ppv that hasn't delivered so far.

  18. Two PPVs I didn’t enjoy were Double of Nothing 2022 and All Out 2022, other than that I’ve enjoyed every PPV I’ve watched since 2021 all out

  19. Great show but I hit my vape pen a bit too hard during Joe/Wardlow and completely passed out at the start of MJF/Danielson

  20. Is that even possible? Was it a thc vape pen?

  21. Kenny needs to be in singles. Just give House of Black a long run and let them destroy everyone.

  22. Jack is great at conveying emotion through facial expressions. I’m impressed by how good he was this match

  23. Jack is great with conveying emotion through facial expressions

  24. The presentation feels grander than ever for an AEW PPV. From the pre show all the way into the first two matches, the show has never looked better and felt bigger

  25. What's wrong with that? They are fun

  26. We know. Next time, don't put swear words in the headline.

  27. I'm from Lithuania. Have no idea how you've been able to contact their support. I've only "had the pleasure" to talk with their chatbot. Which didn't help at all.

  28. You need to tell the bot you want to speak to a human, they’ll connect you.

  29. Ah. Got you. Thanks. Still doubt they will refuse to play ads.

  30. I don’t want them to stop playing ads, what I want is:

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