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  1. The people I encounter in my everyday life tend to be honest. I work in government myself and believe myself to be honest. I believe my coworkers to be generally honest.

  2. Yes, they would not do that. Especially not if there were a mass, widely-publicized movement to convince Democrats to pose as Republicans for this exact purpose.

  3. That is not insane, it makes a great deal of sense. As a Democrat, why would I want a Republican deciding who will run as the Democratic candidate?

  4. According to their website, long-term parking at EWR for three weeks would run you around $660.

  5. Yes, you are filing last year’s taxes. In 2024 you will file this year’s taxes.

  6. Somebody who goes to a great, highly-ranked law school and doesn’t completely implode once there will likely always have the option of heading off to a large firm, working obscene hours, and making a buttload of money until they burn out (sci-fi, paradigm shifting leaps in AI technology notwithstanding).

  7. I am in America and have known a number of Muslim friends who (a) wear headscarves, and (b) openly drink alcohol.

  8. Fox News has never claimed that their reporting is entertainment and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  9. “Use AI to fix your car before bringing to a mechanic.”

  10. They are hypoallergenic and don’t shed much. That is a major contributor to their popularity, especially for people who have limited living space.

  11. Sure. Not necessarily one specific brand, but a burger with a side of chips is a pretty common sight.

  12. Dude think of the world they're in. They barely let him walk out of there let alone return. He'd be shot on site...

  13. To which doctor. The one lunging at Joel with a knife saying "I won't let you take her"

  14. Your argument has changed. Are you conceding that if Joel had not killed the doctor, that would have left Ellie with the choice to try to return?

  15. My job, like many, does it by mileage. We submit the Google map routes of our trips, plus receipts for any tolls or parking.

  16. That’s what we do too but I do about 3 trips a week, €10 each. Having to go fill up my tank three times by €10 each seems a bit much so I’m not sure if I could just do a €30 one for example.

  17. I’m not quite sure what you mean. At my job, the gas (or petrol) is not part of the equation.

  18. You mean for a single person drinking by themselves? That’s 2.5 bottles of whiskey per month, and I would say that might indeed be some cause for concern.

  19. In high school we did learn about Russia and the Russian Revolution through the fall of the USSR.

  20. Apple pie or any similar dessert that can be served at room temperature.

  21. Apple pie wouldn’t be recognised as American in Europe.

  22. Isn’t that the point, in some sense? The idea is for an American to share what their own conception of American cuisine is, not what Europeans might expect American cuisine to be.

  23. I don’t understand your question. The water going into your tank comes from the same source as the water that is going into your sink.

  24. “Twice as cold” is really a way of saying “half as hot.”

  25. 2m+ mile flyer here. Families trying to sit together make up about 70% of these requests, and I understand. The problem is that they rarely try to give up their better seats. Often they're trying to trade an aisle for a middle, or trying to trade the back for the front, or even extra legroom for standard seats. I'll usually decline those, as I spend too much time on planes to be uncomfortable. And I can't count the number of times I've barely made a connection because I've been able to get off quickly because I was near the front.

  26. A digestif is a French word that is also used in English. It means an alcoholic drink served after a meal. It’s not specifically Portuguese.

  27. I was very disappointed by seasons 1 and 2. Season 3 is not perfect so far, but it is pretty good. I remain cautiously optimistic.

  28. It started around the time he falsely accused a man of being a pedophile out of jealousy. And grew as he continued to reveal himself to be terrible.

  29. There are many jobs that are not conducive to a commission rate.

  30. So no actually! In this system the company would have to reveal how money they got paid by the pool or it’s customers in order to have the company send you out there and then you would be required to receive a certain percentage of what the company got to send you out there. So if the pool paid 20,000 dollars a year to have you out there the company would have a minimum percentage they would be required to pay you based off that number.

  31. I will wait until March 28 and watch YouTube videos about it until then. As an "older person" I will study how people move joysticks to walk forward. I'll practice lines like “We want you to lead our faction!” “You're the MVP!” “NICE ONE!” “Give this man a medal!” “Awesome skills, bro!”.

  32. For the record, I am 35 and consider myself an “older person” in this context. No offense was meant!

  33. You can play on the lowest difficulty and you should get used to It fairly quickly. If you play the remake version on PS5 there's also a lot of acessibility options. (telling you where you have to go and stuff like that.)

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