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  1. my boyfriend remembers all of my stuffies names, and even listens and gives feedback on conversations i have with my stuffies. even if he just doing it bc he loves me and probably has zero interest in them, he still does it bc he knows how much it means to me. i’m a deeply traumatized person and stuffed animals make it all better. there’s no reason anyone should be unkind to stuffie enjoyers.

  2. i either throw them away or keep them depending

  3. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: normalize price shaming 😩 /hj

  4. whatever it says on the price tag 😭😭

  5. shes so ugly what the heck :( i remember finding out about her while i worked there. i was so, so excited. but she looks like tinfoil hello kitty. bab's 25th year anniversary has honestly not be great this year.

  6. How expensive were they in person? Tempted to make a long drive to get mine :-]

  7. they’re only online! i had coupons so i paid under $15 for em.

  8. He's so cute! If you don't mind me asking what is the fur texture like? Is it similar to the regular sized frogs ?

  9. it’s similar! it definitely feels longer and a bit shaggy, but it still feels great :) i’m very particular about textures and it’s very nice.

  10. cant believe people are actually buying this.

  11. Yes he does, most notably in the Sugar Mountain/Tattoo U arc when they go to the down to try and spend all the money (can be seen well

  12. that’s what i figured, that they just bought them off screen whenever they got into a town

  13. Baldness is hereditary so you'll either lose it or not based on your genetics. I'm using medication to regain it (trans-woman). A friend of mine (trans-man) has lost all his and now rocks a bald look. Trust me, no one misgenders a bald man. Bald women like me, well it's a struggle.

  14. my genetics are terrible w hair loss. i’m kind of hoping for the best. i don’t plan to stay on T forever, just until i get my desired look

  15. i carry my bab's around. i love it bc kids will get excited seeing an adult carrying a toy around, it lets them know that you should be yourself and screw what everyone else thinks. carry that bear around!

  16. all of my plushies sleep in my bed, but i pick one each night to cuddle with

  17. love that she’s out of breath saying this

  18. actually psychotic when it’s still in stock

  19. what also makes me really sad is that once june was over, they removed like so much pride stuff.

  20. any nintendo game, honestly. such as zelda, mario, etc.

  21. Hi! Are you still looking for these? I have the candy corn, pumpkin and rainbow bear and the lemon kitty but unstuffed

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