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  1. His coiled snake passive should recharge whenever it's used instead of having 3 full ammo to charge

  2. You got Barney's big cock syndrome

  3. Gotta show the boss who's the boss

  4. His first star power is great for making plays

  5. Somebody wrote her name in the Death Note

  6. Yes, but surge shouldn't have been a big crybaby about it

  7. Half of the brawlers, so 34 of them(30k trophies)

  8. Depends for what? For games it is always a good idea to use less textures. For movies quality is mostly important.

  9. Alright, I will keep that in mind

  10. So cool! I also love the background color to match legendary rarity, nice touch! ♥️

  11. Thanks! Glad I could satisfy a fellow Crow enjoyer

  12. I use Maya, and I'm not really sure how long it took me cause I work on this project on and off(some days I did some days I didn't) over a span of 2 weeks

  13. Really? I thought it was all girls until 50

  14. Why did you make the shift from Maya to Blender? I'm just curious to know.

  15. Maybe he was just trying it out?

  16. A flamethrower. Might not be the best idea but I like burning my enemies

  17. When Nani is so forgotten that she doesn't appear in anyone's comments

  18. I'm proud that I instantly recognise that pose

  19. No way, Trade Empire is definitely better

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