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  1. God, it ages me to see how old Sean Astin is

  2. Well you commenting how old he is aged me! 52 isn't ancient... but I get what you mean.

  3. Primate pratfalls are my weakness. I saved this from years ago whenever I need a laugh

  4. They’ve been doing this for awhile now and the last time we had same day it was actually delivered by door dash.

  5. 99% sure that's the same thing video game store does for same day.

  6. These questions are good. I was afraid if my husband was in the room he would be grossed out by it, but I also wanted him there for support. Simple solution he was at the head of the bed for the first, my mom besides me. Second kid, no cares at all. Many women I think feel conscious about the poop that comes out and don't want the potential to feel overly gross to their lover.

  7. It's is gross and scary tbh but 100% worth it. Our second child was high risk and the nurse kept shooting glances at the Dr and asking leading questions which I could tell she was very concerned. At one point they pulled out a syringe that I swear was a Halloween prop it was so big and gave my wife or the baby(?) a shot down under the sheet. The nurse kept asking if she should call in the breathing specialist from home (at 2 am). My wife was bleeding too much etc. In my sheltered life, it's the closest I've come to experiencing trauma, worrying about losing my wife or baby.

  8. The phrasing of the headline bugs me. Probably just stating the obvious, but it's just as much the fault of the opposition who keep ramming this bill as it is her fault for filibustering.

  9. Actors do it all the time, except usually someone else is putting the makeup on them.

  10. You can’t arc your line when you run? Or are you not supposed to pass the base and run around it like that?

  11. You can definitely arc a bit. When someone hits the ball and runs to first base, if they are attempting to run to second base they will have a noticeable arc as they make that turn. That's totally fine. You just can't go too crazy far out of that basepath/line.

  12. You have no idea how confusing baseball is to us Europeans.

  13. Weird you got downvoted... I thought it was kinda funny and it's not like we all know cricket rules.

  14. Big sale for Pro members 03/21-03/25!

  15. I haven't needed a mouse in a bit, but $30 for Logitech G502 HERO seems like a good price. Even cheaper refurb.

  16. This song pops up in the show Money Heist multiple times. I had to look up the history of it, but it gets me hyped af any time I hear it.

  17. When I moved into my house, we got 3 deliveries from the previous owner. I contacted FedEx, Amazon, and UPS. They all said someone would come pick it up. No one ever did. I had these boxes sitting by my front door for 3 months.

  18. I love it when companies do that! I order from a similar company and they give you promo codes to give to friends like “FRIENDOF(YOURCATSNAME)50” and they always send check up emails on how they’re doing. My mom wrote a good review even though I’m the one paying for it and they somehow knew it was for our cats and sent a couple free bags of food.

  19. Heck it sounds like they're obsessed with delighting their customers.

  20. Is this is a reference to something? It sure seems like a bot. The account is a year old and has exactly one post, this one, and it makes no sense in this context.

  21. Awesome, I replayed the kingdom rush games a bunch of times. Interested in the rts games.

  22. We are buying our first home this year so I have done a bit of research on this. As far as I have gathered, you can refinance BUT you have to pay closing costs again. Idk my mom said it's only really worth it if the refinance percent is around 2 points lower than what you have currently.

  23. Keep in mind you are mostly paying interest and very little principal for a long time on a new mortgage. When you refinance, you are starting over and basically just paying interest again.

  24. How does interest front load works? If the interest rate is say 5%, wouldn't I simply owe 5% of the principal for that month?

  25. Sort of, but the principal goes down each month. The very first month, your principal is the biggest it will ever be, therefore you will be paying the most interest you will ever pay. Since you're mostly paying interest, your principal doesn't go down much and you are still paying mostly interest the next month (and so on).

  26. From my understanding, the pitcher has significantly more control of the ball during the pitch.

  27. I think it's probably a muscle memory thing. Not necessarily harder, but just different.

  28. Cricket rules allowing catching outside the line are mostly recent, but usually allow a catch if the ball and player do not touch the ground outside the line. Air does not count as being outside the line essentially.

  29. As long as the ball stays in her glove it's an out, even though her glove touches the ground.

  30. Unpopular Opinion: Women DO communicate the issues and men have been taught that "women just want to vent and don't want men to take action" and use this as an excuse to sit on their ass and be a terrible partner.

  31. You're conflating two very different things. The idea of venting/listening vs. problem-solving should be for external issues. If my wife is frustrated with work, then I need to determine if she just wants to vent or if she wants solutions.

  32. Bottom line You just don’t understand the beginning of the starting point at the base of the fundamental foundation’s understructure is communication.

  33. I think this is brilliant but it could also be ChatGPT gibberish.

  34. That's not even enough for a Mexican pizza and 2 enchiritos.

  35. I really cannot see how financial 70k can be better that buying 10k in cash but everyone in their own style.

  36. The rule has always been that when buying used, 4-5 years old is the sweet spot for maximum depreciation and lowest wear and tear. I can’t see the point in buying a 1 year old used car.

  37. Here's a 4 year old 2019 with 50k miles for $43,000:

  38. I stopped playing a few years ago but man I loved Destiny. Just never had a good crew for raids.

  39. I was addicted to D2 for a few years. Every night 3+ hours, which might not sound like a ton but it was 100% of my free time.

  40. Looks like a good car. I'll trust you when you say it was driven by an old woman who only drove it to church on Sundays.

  41. Didn’t he actually say that if the options players exercised their options for shares instead of cashing out, it would cause the breakdown of the system?

  42. Yes, during the sneeze it was a cycle of people buying and exercising options. When you exercise, brokers are contractually obligated to buy those shares. There's no "ehhh we have the shares/locates somewhere just trust me." They had to keep hedging and buying, hedging and buying.

  43. The whole game behind interest rates is so stupid "the points are made up and the rules don't matter."

  44. Most of those metal roofs look as good as new though....not sure why we still use stupid shingles.

  45. I did start seeing them more in Michigan. It's still super rare but not unheard of.

  46. The ones I've seen have been spamming stuff like a t-shirt or some design on a mug/framed picture.

  47. This is a bot. It stole this comment and bolded it

  48. People are always spreading this misinformation

  49. This picture doesn't show the length at all and gives a skewed perspective of width. Really just shows that a lifted older model looks taller than a stock newer model.

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