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  1. Then make a post about music, be the change you want to see instead of complaining

  2. you seem to be in an argumentative and combative mood today

  3. I signed up for the local food delivery service that serviced the neighborhood with reusable containers and is pretty much farm to table. Just also bought the hat and didn’t think I had to explain that or justify the purchase

  4. when you say things like “sustainable business” rather than just “business” there are implications there. no need to be rude that commenter, he was just asking a question

  5. Okay, sure the question is asked a lot, but you don’t need to be a dick about it

  6. no one was being a dick. you just chose to get offended, which is hilarious considering this conversation did not involve you, random internet stranger. Try to have a better day, okay?

  7. I’m not offended at all, I can just point out when someone’s being rude. 🤷‍♂️

  8. I was being rude to no one, especially you, person who nobody was talking to.

  9. I’m blocking you now, hope you don’t fade into nothing since we all know this argument is the most important thing in your life.

  10. that reddit asks me questions solely based on what my gender is. i’m a person before i’m a gender, bro. grow up. this is 2023

  11. i swear you mfers are 13 and have never been involved with music releases before. Yes, of course it means nothing. He’s selling a single in a physical form, like every other artist in the fucking world does.

  12. And what if somebody is 13 and has never been involved with music releases before? I see nothing wrong with that...

  13. The thing that's "wrong with that" is that people be thinking a vinyl release means no album is coming. Do not defend r-worded behavior.

  14. says the butt hurt loser who made an account to talk shit and piss ppl off 🥱🫶😍

  15. yeah yeah keep making shit up, maybe your parents will love you one day

  16. you can say that all you want, this entire conversation is you making your daddy issues everyone else’s problem

  17. damn! nice! hope i can get him to sign my dildo and butt plus!

  18. you guys wish, then i’d be the same age as your immature asses

  19. good job falling for fake news, OP. It's 2023 and people are still taking random images with random words on them as news.

  20. Loma Prieta fucks. everything they do, not just this album

  21. for the moments it’s not? lol. thought that might be an obvious thing to take away.

  22. because it looks cool? should it be off center and to the left?

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