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  1. I hate videos that do shit like this and say "you've been using the lid to your pan wrong." No just because you can do something neat with it doesn't mean that's what it's meant for. It's meant to be a lid to your pan. I'm pretty sure ancient people didn't have prepackaged liquid cheese in mind when they made it.

  2. Let me preface this by saying idgaf if they say something or not, in fact I think they shouldn't. Get that money look out for #1.

  3. "The cities" aren't going to be supporting right-wing insurgents, for the most part.

  4. 2 scenarios at this point. 1 we're talking about a tyrannical government, not what maga nut jobs call tyrannical but actual tyranny. So the civilians are working against their own interests? 2. It is just the right wing nut jobs and cities are against them. They don't need support of civilians they need to blend in until they attack and then blend back in during the panic. If all these "Communist fascist sheeple" are against them then collateral damage is helping them hurting the enemy. Either government loses supporters to take out some rebels or rebels get to get away with it because government won't scorched earth. Win win.

  5. Except that the people in the cities will KNOW who the MAGAts are. It's not like they're just gonna let them hang out and get their neighbors killed.

  6. My bad I forgot they all had tusks and solid black eyes, that's on me.

  7. Except gimlis honour means nothing when talking to elves. So unless you have a different honour for every faction setting dc on case to case basis or giving out bonuses like advantage to a cha check is just better.

  8. As a delivery driver who had to hold his phone light during the long days of the holiday season, these are awesome.

  9. That game did such a good job of making you feel super powerful

  10. When your mom makes you take your younger sister to hang out, but it turns out better than expected.

  11. Thought the boi in red was a grill and they were bbqing

  12. Ah yes the power fist, founded and named after the tech priest magos fist.

  13. Isn't that just her trying to justify shit? Like it's unreliable story teller, we're getting what Sakura saying but it's wrong.

  14. Just because you remove spaces from between multiple words doesn't mean it's a single word. This is a hill I'm willing to die on.

  15. Narrator: And that's how World War III began.

  16. You're not a grammatical genius your space bar is broken!

  17. Wait y'all spell it mum too? I thought it was just an accent when you talk.

  18. Also just don't reveal that information to the players, tell em they're gonna hold an action, but don't tell em what that action is. Simple as.

  19. If you don't describe the enemy turning his crossbow on where he saw that flying motherfucker take cover you are withholding information that the player character should be able to see. You're a bad DM and are intensely playing against your players instead of with them.

  20. What happens when you go over dot violation?

  21. I was forced to take a day off and my contractor talked to me. He said he knows the circumstances and doesn't blame me but it's his job to tell the driver when they go over.

  22. I work 6 he gave me that option and I took it. I'm fine with 6. I'm not gonna give up my day I use to let my body heal for normal pay, that's risking injury.

  23. This is not correct, Alpharius and Omegon did not remain switched, the author of Head of the Hydra has come out and said(on twitter) the switch was only for the epilogue of the book. Real Alpharius likely died in Praetorian of Dorn.

  24. Sounds like something the triplet of Alpharius and Omegon would want you to think.

  25. Where did you find clothes that fits him?

  26. That’s an old sweater I got for my puppy LOL was going through them today and was like hmmmm… wonder if this will fit Benny

  27. Yea I never take lunch , jus bring something you can take bites of between stops . We don't get paid hourly , so the objective is too finish ASAP

  28. I will bring spaghetti if I feel like it. idk if they see me eating it while driving but they never said anything.

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