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  1. It is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  2. It seems someone else has seen the old mary poppins

  3. He means that colonel sounds like kernel

  4. It means i feel you on that I think

  5. She dont know english so perhaps not

  6. If this is just one sentence, im scared what your essays and paragraphs look like

  7. Yeah but there's good looking short hair, and coconut looking short hair, as someone else in the comment said

  8. Wear banana costume, it good choice

  9. Come home, we ordered the milk on Amazon.

  10. Like the good father i am, i will return home

  11. Dodge the bullet, but not the shrapnel

  12. I've tried that. The therapist resigned. I would try again but my mom has too much going on.

  13. Huh, now im no therapist but, that dont seem good

  14. It did, read what you asked, then read my comment

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