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  1. Poly 800 and Ensoniq ESQ1 are a little over 500 but could be found for less a couple years ago. Both are my main keys and the possibilities are pretty limitless just with the two.

  2. Yeah based on all the previous suggestions and my research of the aforementioned synths on YT, I'm likely to go with an Ensoniq SQ-80/ESQ-1 or Poly-800 or maybe even DW-8000 if I'm lucky enough to find one.

  3. Keep your eyes peeled for a DW6000 as well. Let me know if/when you get any of those synths and I can send you some nice patches for them

  4. I've seen that happen on older synths when the internal battery dies. Some older synths have a battery, such as the CR2032(

  5. I replaced the battery a couple months ago so I don’t think that’s the issue

  6. “I have no idea what or who the Weeknd is, because I don’t listen to much music. People have told me he’s a big act. Well, good luck to him”

  7. I haven’t seen her, but my cat has the exact same name

  8. And this new variant is apparently incredibly contagious (even more so than the last incredibly contagious variant).

  9. While I don’t doubt this, they literally say this about every new varient

  10. Great synth choices (especially the poly 😉)

  11. I didn’t mention that I also play guitar, and I have a big pedalboard for that. That combined with the vocals and the keys rig, which isn’t big but large enough that there’s a decent setup makes for the pain in the butt

  12. A middle aged man on an issue that affects mostly younger women…. Okay

  13. Some people are at high risk of complications with the flu, we don’t have a super mega vaccine extravaganza for that. Covid has morphed over the last few years to be like a flu.

  14. Some lights are literally 15 seconds and others are a minute and a half. Some can even be a ridiculous two and a half minutes if there’s advanced greens and poor engineering (trying to cross Prince of Wales on the south side of Meadowlands literally takes that long, it’s absurd). Traffic light times have a huge range depending on the intersection.

  15. More Canadians voted PC in the last two federal elections than liberal. But the liberals are in because they won more seats.

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