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  1. 400 for that game seems too much…. That’s the price of a top tier game

  2. I agree but with the times we are in now, it’s actually not that much 😭

  3. Yeah unless you have an electric car it's not worth it; electric cars don't just have an advantage in terms of not using fuel, they have an advantage in terms of much lower overall maintenance costs due to fewer servicable parts, so they come out way ahead on both fuel and wear-and-tear.

  4. Yea those are some great points! I was thinking of getting a bicycle and doing deliveries on that, would that be feasible with the distances from pickup to drop off ?

  5. There is a bicycle option for UberEats but you better be fit as fuck to do it in Barrie.

  6. LOL yea I figured, maybe if I had the electric hybrid one haha

  7. I've used Mr Pest Control and I've found them to be really great.

  8. Do they find them as well? I don’t want them to just be dead hidden around my garage. And do they do follow up inspections as well?

  9. They place bait stations around the areas that will be high traffic for the rodents. Like in the walls and attic hatches - you won't see the stations.

  10. Thank you so much for your reply !!! I really appreciate it! Definitely going to give them a shout.

  11. Not sure how it’ll work on PC but you can buy the attachment, it has two buttons that you can map to anything you’d like. Here’s the link:

  12. I am obsessed with wings and all things wing sauces. Noteworthy I am a big fan of a good breaded wing. To date the best I’ve ever had (including Toronto) are the wings in Creemore at the pub beside the brewery. I also thoroughly enjoy the wings at Flying Monkey. Get them hot and monkey style. They are incredible.

  13. Yea, everyone that is 16 or older is welcome, any gender or skill level. If there is ALOT of interest then I’ll try to organize it more by skill level but I don’t think I’ll need to, at least not right away.

  14. What cellphone company are you and your wife with? If they also offer home internet, call them and say something like “we have been with the company for a while, is there any deal that you can give us?” I did it and I currently pay $56 for gigabit with Rogers.

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