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  1. This whole area is full of jumps. Had me on multiple occasions

  2. Love how this is 'PokeInvest' and y'all saying rip it hahaha. It is tempting. But I known it's light. Imagine pulling a non holo Venomoth

  3. Weigh it , look up the weight values based off that - they're 300ish if they're light

  4. No. It was a trade. The seller is actually reputable and an admin on a handful of Facebook groups. He claims to not have noticed. He says it was won from a box break. But now I've been told a few times these are potentially from factory as 'ventilation holes' and they can still be PSA 10's

  5. Interesting, if its from factory shouldnt be considered damage then ?

  6. Exactly. I've spoke to people who have had similar holes and had PSA 10 returns. still seems like a gamble though.

  7. It was looking pretty damn good until I saw the back 💀. MP? I reckon it'd be like a PSA 4 or 5 at a guess. No expert.

  8. I shoot a lot of film and I have both a griii and griiix. The former is my top camera - it’s easy to use, small, fits in a pocket, etc. The Fuji is great, but for my purposes it is a little big physically. I wanted a camera that was very unobtrusive and low key so I could just take it and shoot everywhere.

  9. Wow. I'm very impressed with this new knowledge. I had no idea. I see two slots for custom recipes which is very cool.

  10. Would love an X100v myself. Well jealous. Enjoy!!

  11. You probably won't be very impressed by the X100 series for wide angle images - that lens is 36mm equivalent. I'd recommend the 17-40 on the 7D. It's more expensive, but a 24mm pancake on the crop sensor of the 7D is almost 40mm

  12. Very good. Thanks for that. Will certainly look into it.

  13. You can make an offer I haven’t tried to look up prices yet so I’m not sure what they are worth

  14. Ah ok. I'm from UK. No idea about price. Only thing I can go by is PSA 10's on ebay. If you do get a price in mind for either plus shipping lmk.

  15. It’s been a fun ride for sure. Haven’t opened a pack in over a decade and now considering getting back into it all again!

  16. That's how it happens! There are some awesome chase cards in the most recent sets. Evolving Skies for example, which prices for packs and boxes have rocketed. All of those cards are worth sending to be graded.

  17. Is it just me or do Subarus just get worse and worse since 2000.

  18. The '98 is my dream but the Hawkeye is in second for me

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