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  1. don’t see a PM, you can send me one through the mechkbot comment.

  2. what’s next a green one? ffs man just drop a new mouse with usb-c

  3. This? or wait for the dell s2721dgf to come back on sale?

  4. where all my money goes after i get paid

  5. not mouse related but is that kbd67 lite lol sorry it’s random to bring it up

  6. i love my bak60 but can agree this is a bit of a problem. I’m waiting on my rk68 pro to arrive as i may have to sell my bak60 for some uni funds ):

  7. what’s that keyboard you’re using ?

  8. so what the fuck do i buy , i’m on my 15

  9. jeez i thought that was a mini treadmill on your desk for a second

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