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  1. Tama Impala is wildly overrated

  2. Just out of curiosity, what is the humane way to end a squirrel’s misery? Also, how about a rabbit?

  3. For a rabbit; stand on its head, grab its back legs and pull hard stretching out its spine. Will kill it instantly. Learnt this growing up on a farm and from many years of vermin control.

  4. USA is just a 3rd world country wearing a Gucci belt

  5. Not returning your shopping trolley to the trolley bay

  6. Comment here and waiting! 🙏🤞💆‍♂️ lemme get that Legend Larry Bird!

  7. Been grinding since the start but still got bugger all MT this year. Would love some MT to get my Boston boy Jaylen Brown!

  8. Hopefully cream-pies have been added 😏

  9. It should come with the correct power cable, or atleast mine did. If it doesn't though it's very simple to grab an old extension cord and cut the end off and wire it in to the power supply. I would highly recommend getting a fused switch like this

  10. Hey, I know this may seem like a silly question but what amperage fuse should I use in the power supply switch. 10A and that is the mains power rating?

  11. Not not a silly question at all! And I would go with a 10A fuse, that's what I have in mine, since that's what Mains power in Australia runs at. Your printer should also have another fuse plug that takes blade fuses as well, so even if the switch doesn't have a fuse you should still be a bit protected.

  12. Awesome! Thanks again for your help mate! Printer should arrive in the next week and I'm very excited!

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