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  1. Uh huh. Did you not notice the movements?

  2. Dear god. "Rolls eyes... these stupid casual players" after multiple proving your opinion wrong. and you strafing doesn't mean shit.

  3. I forgot to heal a drogoz once because I didin't even see him. He started spamming "report pip" and complaining.

  4. I haven't really tested this out myself and not sure if gravity works like this in unity at all but maybe gravity is applied to a rigidbody as force so when you disable it the velocity is still there. If this were the case setting the velocity to 0 as soon as you set the gravity to 0 it should fix the problem.

  5. Sorry to hear that. There are support players and then there are support players. I do understand that many people don’t want to play healbots during match, but lot of times they are just blatantly ignoring other players that rush towards them for heals. Only time I ignore team mates is when they spit insults and threats at me when I’m busting my ass off during the match but they are just unable to kill other team and they think heals should save them from dmg inflicted by 5 other people.

  6. Sometimes i get accused of not helping, then pull 150k healing. Sometimes i'm just dealing with someone :/

  7. Is this how these lil pinheads walk around, with the hoodies on pulled tight like wannabe ninja clowns? Asking for a friend.

  8. he is so much fun and i havent even built a deck for him yet. kinda p2w tho unless the crosshair showing on the doom skin was a bug

  9. The lag ive had the most recently is slow falling when i jump an animations not playing. random tho.

  10. For pip, combat medic makes his first talent useless, and its only really a use for new pips. A talent that worked with his slow or jump would be much funner imo

  11. Besides a startup issue which is fixxed by fullscreening, I haven’t had a single issue. Steam on top ig

  12. the enemy team mocks at the pip, unaware that hes a lvl 999 pip who ulted to the sky in the correct angle to hit the point when it falls down and turn all those who were making fun of him into chickens. The enemy team is already dead, but they dont know it yet.

  13. i prefer myself a flanktor but jumping around and bombing a skye who thinks they have an easy kill is great

  14. i dont have talk with ya when ure nessa main, u will always protect how much "weak and balanced" she is

  15. why is there just some girl with a stuffed elephant? i'm lost

  16. Bro I don’t care if u miss your shots but please charge them lol

  17. Nah bro, I was desperate, and then ususally its one full charged headshot and then a second shot w that 20% damage for me

  18. If im thhinkiiing right I think it was I needed to heal. my kit is strongly for tp heals

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