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  1. It does seem very prescriptive in that way. While I respect what Josephine has done with it all, I do find it a little too dogmatic in that way.

  2. I’ve found him very interesting lately. I’ve also been looking at some of Jason Millers books, specifically consorting with spirits, but I haven’t picked it up yet.

  3. If one has the means, Jason Miller's online courses are worth the investment. He'll answer any questions regardless of how long it takes. Average cost per week works out similar to what one would spend on a martial arts or yoga class.

  4. Sometimes students need specific rules to create a specific effect, otherwise the original intention could get diluted by an 'anything goes' mentality and then they'd wonder why they're not obtaining the intended results. It's the same with martial arts, learning a musical instrument, or any other skill, really.

  5. It sounds like you've gone over basic Golden Dawn rituals pretty well so far. Why not learn more about the context within which those rituals were developed? Pick up

  6. There are plenty of effective options available in Hoodoo. Look up binding and Freezer spells. There's a particularly effective method that involves a lemon. Bind the person and freeze him out of your life.

  7. Personally, I see a crossroad as any point where there are more than two ways to go, more than forwards and backwards. I personally like to find natural crossroads in the forests; little spots by the creek where there are multiple ways go.

  8. Something I like to think about in my own practice is how a crossroads represents a meeting point between possibilities, states, and places. It's neither 'here' nor 'there'. It's in-between and transitional, like birth/death, or even standing in a doorway. Hekate is a master of the crossroads and all paths connecting everything to everything else. She holds the Keys to the Universe.

  9. Any crossroads will do. Hekate is very much about transitional states and liminal in-between places i.e. doorways, crossroads, boundaries, birth/death etc. A T or Y intersection is nice if you can find it, but I wouldn't worry too much if you can't. I've heard that these were more common in ancient times due to their being part of ring roads surrounding towns, but I haven't seen any documentation on that.

  10. In the course of my nearly 30 years of practice (more than 30 if you include dabbling in witchcraft and astral projection as a teenager), I performed the LBRP daily for nearly 20 years without missing a day. This was done as a form of spiritual hygiene, much like taking a bath at the end of the day. Most people who perform this ritual nowadays seem to acquire it from secondary online sources or various other books that take it out of its original context. It would be good to remember that this ritual comes to us from the Golden Dawn - an occult lodge/order from the late 19th c. If you read through their documents and those of their former members, you'll find that this ritual was pretty much the first one that members were allowed to perform. It had a balancing and cleansing effect and, like other initiatory and beginning practices, was known to occasionally dislodge or disrupt internal energetic/emotional crud from within the practitioner which would then rise to the surface of one's consciousness and have to be worked through. (See Golden Dawn descriptions of humans in their fallen state, essentially being assaulted by their base desires/instincts/thought-forms - symbolized by images of the Tree of Life with serpents snapping at higher sefirot from below etc. You can imagine each serpent head as a scary thought-form/illusion rising up to torment you as a result of your energetic shaking-up of the 'Tree' within you.) In reading about common side-effects of Initiation (from both the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley, a former member whose practices were built on a foundation of G:.D:. teachings), you'll find that psychological instability in the beginning is completely normal and expected. Magick isn't fun all the time, and it's not something that you do - it's something you Are or Become every day. That process isn't fun, but it can be rewarding.

  11. Do you think that doing a LBRP can initiate someone into the GD, or act on their reality to the point that GD entities would become involved in their life?

  12. Performing Golden Dawn rituals will likely draw you into their 'current' to some limited extent, but to my knowledge the original 'lineage' (if there ever was a lineage - the founding documentation may have been made up to lend an air of antiquity etc.) has not continued unbroken anyway. As I understand it, the last official temple was Whare Ra in New Zealand. (Edit: this came partly from conversations I had with someone who had been fortunate to meet elderly members of earlier Golden Dawn temples many years ago, presumably in the 1960s-70s. I found it amusing that they still refused to speak Crowley's name heh.) Israel Regardie helped to establish a new 'official' temple with the Ciceros in 1985 I think, but it could be argued that it's still not a continuation of the old but a new thing altogether. As it was, the version of the Golden Dawn that Regardie published rituals from was itself a later iteration and changes had already been made by the time he joined it. But, I'm getting a little off track here. Whether you learn the LBRP from original Golden Dawn sources or later Thelemic ones, you're still essentially performing the same ritual, and you'll still be tapping into an aspect of the collective human unconscious that resonates with the overlapping 'currents' that the Golden Dawn drew from. If you wanted to 'initiate' into it properly, you could join a modern group that practices their rituals and grade advancements. You may also have some success with the Ciceros' book 'Self Initiation into the Golden Dawn'. (Consistency in practice counts for far more than any official titles bestowed upon you.) I think the main part of their magick that really sets the tone (edit: of their current) is their particular use of Qabalah and the way they link every aspect of their system back to the (Kircher) Tree of Life, including their (Masonic-style) grade system. Their use of multiple scales of color attributions, Tarot, elemental and planetary attributions, and path working are all extremely comprehensive. There are a few minor issues I have with their system when comparing notes with earlier forms of Hermetic magick (see Agrippa and earlier forms of Jewish Kabbalah), but I can't fault the desire to create a practical airtight system of development. Whether or not it's capable of being used for a practical physical purpose is another matter. (I've personally had more success influencing the physical world with various forms of witchcraft, sorcery, and hoodoo.)

  13. If you want a deity to help you, you need to form a relationship with them. Her historical offering time was during the new moon - see

  14. blues, hip-hop, and jazz don’t rely on having ancestral connections to the enslaved people who made it. hoodoo was born out of the need for protection from the oppression they faced. regardless of the multiple components of hoodoo, it’s culturally closed. there’s plenty of European folk practices to research study and practice. there’s really no need for non-Black people to be seeking out hoodoo. every place had its own folk practices.

  15. If Hoodoo is culturally closed then those predominantly Christian Protestant practitioners might want to remove all European and Jewish (ritual candles, magickal use of psalms, incense, oils,

  16. Truth be told I'm not entirely white and was not born in Australia. I hope you are someday able to heal the pain in your heart and find peace in this world.

  17. Don't see anyone mentioning Netflix' series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I liked the darker vibe through most of that. Also, regarding anime, you'll find loads of occult themes through those if you search for animes with demons. For example, Highschool DxD is filled with creative magick circles and demonic names pulled from grimoires (and if you appreciate lewd humor is also quite amusing). I'm consistently surprised at how many Witch and Demon themed new animes are being made.

  18. Speaking as a practitioner with nearly 30 years of experience and as someone who has dealt extensively with many psychic attacks throughout my own life and all the mental instability that can result from that, I've formed a few opinions on these matters. It is my opinion that the power of belief will only take one so far. You can believe that a gun isn't real while being shot in the face, but reality will prove otherwise. I've seen the same go for occultists who believe an attack isn't real when facing a much stronger and more skilled opponent (usually a pissed-off spirit of some kind, and usually their own fault). Against weak low level attacks, belief alone will often be enough. Most people have natural defenses that will protect them. Some, however, have tons of holes in their energy fields due to trauma, so belief alone won't be enough. For those people,

  19. Thank you so much for this extensive reply. I appreciate it and will try some of the things you suggested. Definitely under psychic attack, but a very paticilar kind - like the person is linked to my energetic system. I also have seen multiple healers, and they tried removing the cords, and it helped somewhat, but then it just comes back. I have felt how the cords attach to me (goes through 3rd eye down the spine and attaches at root chackra) and then the draining starts again. My energy then feels like a raisin but sometimes there is such a surge of energy coming back at me, almost like the person is sending some back just to keep me sane. Ive been doing multiple meditation retreats and I think there are some wolves in sheep skins hiding at these places. Which dieties would you recommend? Can one just directly connect with source/god?

  20. Hmm I would normally expect an astral parasite to try to connect at the base of the skull to disrupt the connection between body and 'higher self'. The last time I was seriously drained, I was able to pinpoint the source - a person who was a natural vamp, possibly unaware, who eventually developed cancer. It was as though their chakras were damaged and they couldn't absorb and metabolize energy properly. I had to repeatedly burn out all of their connections/tendrils and avoid contact while strengthening my own energy system. It's possible you picked up a parasite from a spiritual group you've spent time with. Some self professed healers have had negative spirits attached to and feeding off of them (it'll sometimes be the egocentric attention seeking people who take offense at things easily).

  21. You want the version with 1024+ pages and footnotes by Donald Tyson. In my opinion, his very detailed notes make the text far more interesting and usable because they explain all of the obscure references that modern people would miss. This book, together with the notes, would give the reader an advanced understanding of the foundational concepts behind most European magick from the medieval period to modern Hermetic magick.

  22. Strong disagree - this edition: the Freake translation, the notes and even original errors from the 1533 mean this edition is profoundly flawed. The Purdue edition is the best at this time without doubt.

  23. Looks like it came out last year, so I haven't seen it yet. I'll be adding it to my reading list!

  24. What do you mean with your first danger, “letting you go there” - what actually HAPPENS when you go there? Hallucinations? Visions? Possession? Obsession? Life collapse? Paranoia? Anxiety? Do people recover from fucking around with this stuff or once their mad their mad forever? Great comment otherwise thanks!

  25. Sorry for the delayed response. There's no way to predict what will happen to each practitioner. If you're someone who has a talent for easily sensing entities and obtaining vivid visions through scrying, then you'll likely have more unpleasant experiences when things go wrong. For example, I was reading about the 30 aethyrs one night years ago and happened to find a random one interesting. I recall scanning the names of the corresponding rulers prior to going to sleep. This resulted in a very vivid and disturbing astral experience during sleep where it felt like I was being held under water and couldn't breathe. My partner had difficulty waking me up. Prior to being pushed and held under water, I was watching boats moving in arc formations. This all felt very real and I couldn't consciously wake up from it. Note that you really shouldn't be visiting the aethyrs out of sequence, so me casually scanning the necessary details for invocation before sleep probably wasn't my best idea.

  26. It's been happening to me for 40 years. If I'm lucky, I'll remember a snippet well enough to write it down in advance - It's usually presented as a disjointed flow of the time-line. At best the deja vu just means I'm following the intended schedule.

  27. Most of the answers you're looking for can be found in the original Golden Dawn source material and in Aleister Crowley's comments on the material since his system is based on it. Some of John Michael Greer's books may explain more too - he has several that discuss the system in depth.

  28. Copying from a previous response of mine about this:

  29. As late as the 1990s, it used to be that no one could easily learn anything about magick without first reading

  30. I've found that Lemongrass works MUCH better than sage. It's frequently used in hoodoo floor washes (see Chinese Wash), but you can also just use a few drops of lemongrass oil in an oil diffuser. I use the kind with a candle that heats up the water etc.

  31. Speaking as someone who has practiced magick (Hermetic, G.:D.:, Thelema, pagan e.g. Heathen, Wiccan, witchcraft, hoodoo etc.) and energy work (usui reiki ryoho) in a few forms and dealt with entity problems for almost 30 years, I'm going to say that watching a video and listening to some music is not likely to do much except maybe through the power of belief (like a placebo). If you really want to remove an astral parasite, the most effective books I've found with methods that will work (if you actually have a problem and aren't suffering from mental illness) are:

  32. Enochian Magick probably wouldn't be the best method, but it could be used for adding extra oomph, much like the Golden Dawn did. For down and dirty revenge/justice, you'll get faster results with goetic/underworld type spirits. Spirits from the Lesser Key of Solomon could be effective, but are a bit more unruly and require more structure and safeguards. Ancestor spirits would be a much safer option (Martin Coleman has a very good book on Necromancy if you're interested in methods for working with the dead). If you had a relationship with a deity associated with the underworld and control over spirits, you could petition them as part of a series of workings. Hoodoo/Conjure would also be very effective, especially if you are able to secure physical links to the target. If none of these paradigms feel right and you'd feel more comfortable with Angels, then you could always grab copies of Damon Brand's books on working with Angels/Archangels, find a few appropriate angels who deal with Justice etc. (and healing for family), print out sigils from those books, and either perform the workings according to the books or freestyle it by chanting the angel names and associated psalms/versicles over the sigil until you feel a response (the black Hebrew text might start flashing blue with sparks). Burn a candle (tealights work) over the sigil while speaking your case in a heartfelt manner, and they'll help you as much as they can (note that they have a very 'big picture' view of the world and tend to act in terms of what is best for all long-term). In cases where I've been deliberately wronged, I've found simple workings like that with Angels to provide very fast results.

  33. Probably the wrong subreddit for this question. This subreddit is meant for posts about the esoteric writings of John Dee and Edward Kelley and their related uses and modifications by other authors. It is Enochian in name only because Dee/Kelley thought they were channeling info related to Enoch.

  34. I'm currently looking. I ripped the whole archive using a crude web ripper many years ago, so I may still have a copy somewhere. Until then,

  35. I highly recommend having a read through the late

  36. Vodun, and hoodoo both fall under the umbrella of witchcraft tho...

  37. Hoodoo is an open practice for anyone of any persuasion. It's a set of practices to achieve goals, not a religion. Most who practice hoodoo/conjure would call themselves Christian. Hoodoo practitioners usually don't know anything about Vodou spirits/deities as their practices are not really related other than through various borrowings. Hoodoo is sort of a blend of European witchcraft and Native American and African folk practices.

  38. Not really. Witchcraft has a broad definition that spans many cultures. Vodun is a form of witchcraft.

  39. Vodou is a Religion based on West African religious practices that were brought over with slaves. I wouldn't think it fit the label of witchcraft due to the nature/requirement of spiritual devotion of its adherents. Witchcraft as a term is more indicative of a set of practices to achieve a desired effect, while the aim of a religion is communion with a deity, which Vodou does.

  40. There are TONS of witch-themed animes and witchy characters in fantasy animes if you're into that. Others have recommended Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service, which is nice, but there are more recent Japanese weekly TV series animes like Wandering Witch Elaina, and Flying Witch (a rather wholesome, calming slice-of-life series), Little Witch Academia, or even stuff like I've been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level. They're all fun and enjoyable, though obviously not always very accurate as far as their borrowings from witchcraft go. Anime makes extensive use of occult themes and mythology. I always love the glowing grimoire-esque magick circles they use in even low-brow series like Highschool DxD (magick and demon themes).

  41. This is the best book on astral projection I've found in over 2 decades.

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