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  1. Fuck those racist who made our Starboy cry, I wish them very bad! He doesn't deserve the hate/violence/racism on and off the pitch,he is so down to earth. And to add to that no deserves hate/racism/violence.

  2. BCCI has shut loads of money, so who cares.. let em burn..

  3. I think op meant it will burn holes in our pocket for buying the official Jersey

  4. Hijacking your comment, as it's the top comment, to add a citation from a more reliable source regarding the matter being discussed here. This is especially for those who are asking for a better source.(in short andhbhakts k liye)

  5. Article 14 propaganda website. People can go to court if any product is defective and doesnt work as advertised


  7. I often like do it because if I don't someone will do regardless

  8. A few days ago, he gave an interview happily stating that his daughter had chosen a very good man, and the groom's family was also well-off. He mentioned that we are in the 21st century, where one is allowed to marry anyone, and he also acknowledged that some people may have been offended by his decision to let his daughter marry a Muslim. However, he asserted that it was his duty as a father to stand with his daughter. Now, after being threatened by some goons, he has made the following statement upon canceling the wedding: "My responsibility is also towards my people."

  9. Kohli picking team? He picked the ICT for a good ~4 years. Which ICC trophy did we win?

  10. Ppl can downvote me all they want , hes not good go ask any milan fan and they will tell you that same shit , sure he has his moments but again he is not good

  11. Or in other words he is good but not up to the standards of madrid

  12. Chinnaswamy should erupt when faf comes for batting even when he is shown on the camera like we do for vk. I know I'm asking for too much but yeah he deserves it!

  13. For me pedophiles are worst among mankind



  16. Stop blaming players for this shit. They can do so much when tactics don’t exist. Can’t expect them to save the face of incompetence every time.

  17. We know what Carlo did, and I thought I didn't need to point it out because there are literally posts about Carlo everywhere. These players are my favorites; I look them up for inspiration and support them even when the team is being cornered by the media and the football world. I believe in them to shut the critics, and I still love and support them even if they lose. However, yesterday we were battered. So, yeah, I'm sad about my players, and although I still love and support them, I can't refrain from criticizing them.

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