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  1. the number 1 indication that this is a nuthatch is the bill shape -- flat on top, sloping upwards underneath. kinglets have a more symmetrical bill. also, it has a shorter tail than a nuthatch would. you can also kind of make out the black and white face pattern on photo 2 :)

  2. I can't believe there's a sub for this! I'm so glad I found it! 😂

  3. how the hell does ur dragon ask to come out to use the bathroom and where😭

  4. My previous dragon used to just glass surf, and we realized it was because she wanted to poop. So if we saw her glass surfing, we would take her out and put her in our bathroom to let her poop!

  5. Yeah I used to use this with my last beardie (this was several years ago). She never had a problem with it. We had 2 carpets, so we would switch it out and wash it if she pooped on it. We also filed her nails regularly. I really don't think it's that bad if you do what I did. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I always try to brush my neighbor's huskies before the spring to leave the fur for the birdies! Last summer we had a robin's nest, and they definitely used it!

  7. Your government isn't supposed to rule over you via the tyranny of the majority. It's supposed to preserve your freedom. And typically freedom means more options. If getting rid of the FDA gives you more options (for example, I believe according to the FDA it is illegal to sell raw milk - but what if you, the consumer, want to purchase raw milk? Why should the FDA have any say in a transaction between you and a farmer?) then that's what should be done.

  8. Some people swear by it (a lot of people who grew up on or near farms have been drinking it their whole lives). They say it has active enzymes, probiotics, and proteins that are destroyed (or altered) during pasteurization, which makes sense. They say drinking pasteurized milk gives them digestive problems that raw milk doesn't.

  9. Did the neighbor kids lose a baseball in your yard? I see no bird here. Only orb.

  10. Dude, stop lying for karma. It’s so obviously a baseball with sharpie dot eyes and “beak”

  11. According to studies, bromelain has shown to be effective in the treatment of numerous histamine-associated symptoms, while simultaneously improving absorption of certain compounds in the gut.

  12. I tried to eat Aloe Vera and Probiotics and charcoal and all that expensive stuff when I was on that track, and it didn't help one bit, it made everything worse. But the absorption and breakdown thing makes sense to me. It will be something to do with malnourishment.. I also eat like mad all day and am never full. It will be to do with not absorbing nutrients I guess.

  13. Have you tried eliminating some things from your diet (instead of adding supplements)? Gluten and dairy tend to be inflammatory in most people. And gut inflammation will prevent you from absorbing nutrients properly.

  14. Why does this only happen when you have free time?? I'm thinking something psychological for that reason. But I am not a doctor.

  15. OH! What an honor. I see the juncos here on the sub and didn't put it together. They are too stinkin' cute. Thank you for confirming. Working from home here due to weather and it's been hard to concentrate while all these birds enjoying the seed.

  16. Yeah. Came to say govt=evil, hard stop. I care not which govt

  17. I would love to hear some of your stories! It's crazy to me that some people still think their government is benevolent, and that anyone who believes otherwise is a "crazy conspiracy theorist" lol.

  18. I think you could consider the fact that liberals, even after the vaccine became widely available, were still hesitant and fearful to go out. Conservatives, on the other hand, were going out and gathering, socializing, etc. as soon as they could. So it makes sense to me that their rates of infection and death were a bit higher than liberals' after 2021. This is a difference you wouldn't have seen so much in 2020 because everything was still shut down at that point and you couldn't really go out even if you wanted to.

  19. Don't give me that bullshit about liberals being altruistic saints who only do things for other people. Everyone behaves in their own self-interest. That's like rule #1 in economics. But if liberals understood economics, they wouldn't be liberals.

  20. Those are CDC statistics showing that COVID has causes 1.1 millions of deaths. You can see

  21. Oh because it's so much work to look at the CDC website for data and not question how they gathered it or what other factors could have been at play. 🙄 Come on. You're asking me to somehow parse out which "covid" deaths could have been attributed to loneliness, social isolation, delayed cancer screenings, drug overdoses, suicides, etc. That's a huge ask. I'm not omniscient. I don't know and I never said I did. I'm just saying that it's entirely possible that the response to covid killed just as many (or nearly as many) as covid itself. But we will never know, because the government's reporting criteria for a "covid death" is (or at least was for some time) "death within 30 days of a positive covid test". That leaves a LOT of room for error. If someone died in a car accident 2 weeks after they had covid, that could possibly be counted as a "covid death." You don't see how the statistics you keep parroting might be flawed? And are you aware that all of the measures taken to prevent the spread of covid have immune suppressing effects? So maybe covid killed people that otherwise would have been fine if they had been happy, socializing, exercising at the gym - and not stressed out, unemployed, and lonely. But we'll never know.

  22. To clarify, what study do you have to show that the excess deaths during COVID which can be attributed to lockdown policies were more than the 1.1M excess deaths caused by COVID itself. That was the claim you made. You did not simply claim there was a correlation between loneliness, isolation and mortality.

  23. What study do you have to show that all 1.1M excess deaths were caused by covid itself? And remember, dying with covid is not necessarily dying of covid. So where's your study?

  24. If by “readily available” you mean $20 per pound, then yes. That price is why I’ve started growing my own.

  25. Do you have a guide you could share on how to grow it? I bought a pre-colonized grow kit and after the 1st flush, it just kinda stopped. Waited months for it to grow a 2nd flush and it eventually got moldy.

  26. Still possible to get pregnant also. A smaller chance granted, but still a chance.

  27. I've never understood why people act like this is a real possibility. The girl would have to leak out the semen, then tilt her pelvis upside-down to let it dribble into her vagina. At that point it's not really the anal sex that got her pregnant. It's more like those women who get pregnant from giving a blow job. Intentional self-insemination.

  28. Dirty dudes going back and forth between holes… also a great way to give an uti

  29. Oh God. That is what they should be teaching in sex ed (in addition to the pregnancy and STD stuff)! How to prevent UTIs! So many friends of mine (and myself as well) got them when they became sexually active and had no idea it could turn into a life-threatening kidney infection (nearly killed one of my friends!).

  30. Sales taxes are junk fees. Every transaction you make, government makes 6-10%

  31. How would you fund a court system to enforce contracts though? I always thought a sales tax was at least less invasive and more constitutional than an income tax.

  32. It is horse dewormer. The right has done a number on you, but thoughts and prayers for your recovery.

  33. It’s a horse dewormer in the same way that water is a horse drink and breathing is something horses do

  34. It's funny how that guy thinks "the right" has done a number on me, when it's quite obvious that CNN has done a number on him lol.

  35. You're welcome, I'm glad you like it! I had no idea the wren fan club was so big haha

  36. What's your favorite thing about them? I love their funny tail poses (like this one in the picture)!

  37. Honestly I don't think any man likes a ton of makeup. That's why there is a strong association between wearing tons of makeup and complaining about men lol. I swear, cake faces always have man problems... and it's because no one is allowed to tell them they should just wear less makeup!

  38. I think its being caused by chemicals in the air, water and food. I think if you went back far enough in time you wouldn't find autistic people. I think its a reaction to our poisoned environment, changing brain chemistry.

  39. I also wonder about this. I had (and am still dealing with) mercury poisoning from fish and it caused a lot of the same symptoms and personality traits that autistic people have. And in any mercury detox forum, there are tons of parents who say that they've chelated (detoxed) their autistic child and now they're no longer autistic (or they're much much lower on the spectrum). There's a lot of neurological inflammation involved in autism, and mercury causes neurological inflammation. I'm sure there is a link.

  40. The reason why it's mostly fat people is because of their fatty rich diets. Sounds mean but it's the truth. I was over 300lbs and i woke up with huge pain. Er trip later I figured out i had gallstones LUCKILY they told me i had 2 options. Either change my diet or they remove the gall bladder. Needless to say i lost 180lbs and never had any pain since (ton of my other health issues also went away). I put on about 30lbs more to get back to a healthier weight since i was 6ft and lost just a little too much weight haha.

  41. Wow! Congrats on your weight loss and getting to keep your gallbladder!

  42. Gall bladder is used to store bile and bile is used to break down fats. A lot of bile in gall bladder is probably one of the reasons stones develop. Another good reason to avoid high fat diets. Replace fat with fiber and you'll be happier and healthier.

  43. Interesting... I eat a fairly high fat diet but it's "good" fats like olive oil, grass-fed butter, and pasture raised animal fats. Never had gallstones, but I've also never been overweight. I was under the impression that eating healthy fats help prevent gallstones by keeping the bile flowing. But I'm sure there are multiple competing theories about this, like everything in medicine lol.

  44. I'm not sure if the Nikon 200-500 would work but that's an idea.

  45. I think it would! I'm REALLY new to photography (just one month ago, I was using my iPhone held up to binoculars to take bird pics 😂) so thanks for the suggestion!!

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