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  1. I like this, this is much cool. The silky texture and make up is a good contrepoint to the spikes. How did you do/where did you find this base mask ?

  2. Mga is keeping her release date more locked tight than the fucking pentagon is keep confidential government files

  3. Monster high fans are never really satisfied, she's not the world's most beautiful doll but I think she's gorgeous. My only real critique is her shoes get lost and don't really look like glass and I would have liked if they went a dawn of the dance lagoona shoe color style.

  4. Cannibal corpse is mid and I'm tired of pretending they're not. Corpse grinder cool dude though

  5. Would cookies work in place of beer? I'm underage but I know how to bake!!

  6. Absolutely worth it. 10 dollars for a YEAR??? to almost eliminate scalpers and complications??? Fuck yeah dude

  7. Kinda looks like a fucked up baby doll with the eyes

  8. You’re a beautiful woman, so it won’t garner prejudice against you. If an unattractive man wore it, they would look like an incel.

  9. I don't think that's true, while I'm aware pretty privilege exists I've only seen men wearing this shit and gaining positive attention for it, I've also personally only thought positive things about men wearing it!

  10. Unless this is satire, I thought we were moving away from the glorification of the man-made concept virginity. No good comes from it, in either direction.

  11. Thank you for the compliment! The shirt is satire yes. The humour in it comes from the fact that I'm displaying something that most people tell me to be ashamed of or at the very least hide and try to act "normal" but I just don't care. I think it's funny. Nothing here is glorifying anything, it's quite literally the meme font as well!

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