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  1. Overlapping Daylies is the name of the play.

  2. Absolutely; it’s everything documented really well on their webpage, on Documents section.

  3. How do you do video calls/ zoom teams etc ?

  4. Headset is connected directly to the laptop I’m controlling from pikvm.

  5. Is there like a wiki somewhere with all these sage advices

  6. Well ChatGPT has become a great source of “inspiration” for me in terms of phrases to use.

  7. Also HR. Highly doubt any company would commit more resources for further action other than fire you.

  8. 3 laptops in 8 months and not claimed back? Ahh the magic of big enterprises! OE gardens.

  9. Well.. I managed to solve this exact same thing at J2 by using a piKvm ( and a very good friend of mine on the same market with free time; willing to take care of the second half of the day for me. I’m taking care of the facing portion of the deal and meetings during my morning, and he takes control via the KVM during the second half of the day resolving the tech stuff while I’m switching back to J1 tasks. We split the money 50/50. Think will do the same for a potential upcoming J3, with another colleague. Wondering myself everyday how far all this thing will fly.

  10. De una. Mi hermana labura en Accenture. Me dice que de a poco vas encontrando tu nicho y si no terminas trabajando poquito al menos terminas trabajando en algo que te interesa. Y el hecho de que la empresa sea tan grande te da mucha posibilidad de encontrar algo en lo que seas bueno y disfrutes. Me parece piola.

  11. Es el ABC de las corpo eso … HP, IBM, EY, Deloitte, Accenture…

  12. Oh God no Teams 🤮 Plus my company’s laptop is super encrypted so I can’t go on it with my phone or really do very much but at least the video meeting links work. I have to take my laptop to Disneyland just to check my emails.

  13. Un amigo me recomendó usar la app que se llama “Settle Up” que es para dividir gastos. Es un viaje de ida.

  14. Per my understanding, the guy who receives the slap seems to be like a lawyer or something (maybe accountant also?) because he's saying something about 'using the proper channels to send a legal document' before being slapped.

  15. Al esfuerzo que lleva hacerlas y la cantidad de ingredientes que llevan.

  16. Es caro porque lleva mucha elaboración e ingredientes; aparte también porque lo han buscado posicionar como algo “gourmet” ejemplo Las Muns.

  17. Tru64 server, running a tape backup process on a Seychelles based customer. Was around 2014.

  18. Estás en Galicia? Mis abuelos son de Lugo. Que chico es el mundo

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