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  1. Think of it like a sneeze and an itch. A Stim is like scratching an itch, you can completely control it but not scratching causes some discomfort. But with a sneeze you can try and hold it in but ultimately it will come out despite your efforts.

  2. YTA big time. She is 17 and in a school production and you are her parent. Your acting like a news critic of a Broadway musical. These are not “helpful critiques” you didn’t even intend to tell her about this. You are just bullying her in your little diary and it’s pathetic.

  3. NTA funerals are really depressing and there is no reason you should be forced to put yourself in that situation if you don’t want to.

  4. Alice by heart. It’s a twist on Alice in wonderland. And it was written by the people who wrote spring awakening.

  5. I assume since she can fend for herself she dosnt have a curfew, dosnt get in trouble for grades, can go wherever whenever, and all that.

  6. They can be caused by many things. It’s also extremely common for children to get them

  7. This isn’t exactly what you’re asking but one time there was a tick(the bug) crawling on my hand. And I kind of screeched and shook it off me. My friend asked what that was all about and I said it was a tick. She goes oh is that a new one. And I realized the miscommunication and was hysterically laughing.

  8. Why is it fine for you to criticize people but not the other way around? This is a toxic mindset to have and being this obsessed is unhealthy.

  9. IKR!! I do wish they sound tested the drums I couldn’t even hear them. Tyler was just too loud

  10. Look, I am on the same boat for the "theory witch hunt". But from everything that has been floating about this one seems the most 'plausible'

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