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  1. i thought when someone sneezed you said the word “gobleshew” like a cultural thing and at the age of 26 realized it was “god bless you”

  2. When I was in the pool as a kid, if someone spotted a horsefly or deerfly, they'd scream out "HORSEFLY!!" so everyone could duck underwater until the nasty thing fucked off. They're awwwwful.

  3. This is what we did too, had a pool in the backyard and lived across from horses

  4. Sounds more like you should not have a girlfriend before you leave. End things now. Emotional blackmail will be a common occurrence. She's already shown you who she is, believe her.

  5. That’s rude for sure me and everyone I know in the industry always tips AT LEAST 20% of the original total but usually even more than that.

  6. There’s a massage that helps you with pain and prevents tearing they basically massage the inner bottom of the vaginal canal and I heard this from a midwife 🤷🏽‍♀️ that could be considered as masturbating no?

  7. Chef at work has such a huge one that he was accused by a lady of stealing steaks in his pants and the manager/owner had to tell her it was just his dick. It is extremely noticeable through his pants if he’s not wearing an apron. He says it touches the water in the toilet bowl.

  8. I literally just pointed out that birth control (which includes condoms) is often restricted. And I imagine a lot of these people probably do rely on pulling out and cycle-planning in the absence of birth control, but those are notoriously unreliable.

  9. Lol true you totally did. Idk how I missed that. Just seems like people could try harder to not make a baby.

  10. “Oh and can we have some plates that will take you at least 3 trips from table and back? Thanks :D”

  11. This is a perfect example of gaslighting. NTA. And please take all of these comments into serious consideration. If we’re all saying the same thing, even after reading your comments, there is some real truth there that you are avoiding.

  12. I called them heksenneuzen (witchnoses) because if you opened up the seed and took it out it was kind of sticky and would put it on my nose 😁

  13. lol thank you for the pic I’m imagining kids swords fighting with their noses now

  14. UC hospital is a trauma center. Probably one of the best places he could get transported

  15. Have a complete physical and blood work done for me and my family, also see a holistic doctor, hire a financial advisor, book a vacation to the Maldives, buy my parents houses and a big family house somewhere for us to all get together on holidays, invest, go shopping for a new wardrobe, buy a slate grey jeep rubicon with all the options, get a business license and rent a shop downtown, take everyone i love out to a big dinner to celebrate❤️ what an amazing and busy day that would be!

  16. First time I tried watching it, I got about 30 minutes in. Second time, an hour. Haven't tried since. The anxiety was too much for me.

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