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  2. Surprised no one has suggested the Glenfiddich 14 Bourbon Barrel Reserve yet! I've converted at least two Bourbonites that way :)

  3. I was going to say the same. By far my favourite

  4. CityTV has the worst reception of the Montreal stations (lowest on the tower and bad frequency) if you’re not pointing to Mount Royal you won’t catch it

  5. The FA Cup in Canada is broadcast on Sportsnet, a select few games are available on TV/on the ‘basic’ level of Sportsnet Now while all other games are locked behind Sportsnet Now Premium ($35/month). Watford-Reading is in the latter category.

  6. Which ever team you choose, you won’t regret. If you can go to a game you should. I always have a blast watching the Alouettes (even when they lose)

  7. I’m fully on the eat Belgian waffles smothered in maple syrup train

  8. Don’t forget the fake Ferris wheel in Montreal North

  9. merely ok, there are better OB offerings in the same price range. another distillery where IB makes more sense as you get higher strength and better cask selections.

  10. Sorry, I’m a noob. What do OB and IB stand for?

  11. Commence par un moins cher ou le 12 ans, sert a rien d'acheter une bouteille trop cher quand c'est un domaine plutot inconnu, ça peut etre merveilleux, ou très décevant

  12. Merci, c’est justement le 12 qui m’intéressait

  13. SAQ sells it Quebec. I was contemplating it. Is it worth it at 75$ CDN?

  14. It’s a little “peppery” spicy even. Great to mix with a nice tonic.

  15. Never heard about this gin before, but saw it at the liquor store the day Guy Lafleur passed away. Pick it up. Very impressed.

  16. Gin and Chinotto (preferably Sanpellegrino). Everyone laughs when I suggest this until they try it.

  17. As awesome as the numbers are, the reason CANMNT out drew Cal/Tor is due to regional blackouts. The TSN 4 numbers are for the Leafs region only. Having said that the numbers for CANMNT are still fantastic

  18. I was talking more about in the late 80’s when they detached from CBC and made there own network. Just for CFL. Historically, they have been poorly run.

  19. Have you seen the CFL ratings on TSN? They are doing pretty well. Before the XFL, the CFL would get better ratings on ESPN2 (in US) than MLS

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