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  1. Mine looks like straight and curly in one

  2. Please remember to iron your pride flags people.

  3. can you just put them in the washer? i dont know how to iron lol

  4. Nope. The washer crumples them. Ironing is simple just google it. It will make your pride flags and clothes look much better.

  5. i dont trust myself one bit with something as hot as an iron. i'd burin myself or my flags/clothes

  6. Link? Can’t seem to find them online.

  7. When he said there were some moments that were a little bit "Weak", I felt that

  8. Really nice and cool! I don't remember Willbur in hospital. What was it and when?

  9. i dont exactly know why but it was in his teen years.

  10. i once told my friend i'd be ok with getting breast cancer because i'd die or get my boobs chopped off and i'd be ok with either 💀

  11. which lovejoy songs? just wondering i might make a playlist

  12. It's All Futile! it's All Pointless! , Perfume , Your Sister Was Right

  13. Oh yeah I can see that Also your sister was right isn't Lovejoy :)

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