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  1. So funny I’m rehearsing tomorrow and one of the songs is this one (and I like it)!!!😜

  2. Obviously it depends on how you count the 4/4, but as he is prominently denoting it later, those are 32nd note triplets.

  3. Thank you so much for your knowledge!! I’m totally new to counting time and this was the response i was looking for!!

  4. carousel. we wrote it the very first time i met tom. i showed him a bassline i'd been working on, and it fit perfectly with a guitar part he'd been working on. we'd only known each other for less than an hour and the song was fairly formed even then. it was weird.

  5. Me. I tend to play a lot of different chord shapes on my bass. I’d recommend being extra careful though as that type of stretching can lead to injury. As long as you use the correct technique you’ll be fine.

  6. This is the thing bro that’s true however I want to have a unique chord palette to my disposal so by me practicing these chords with these odd shapes despite it being hard on the hands I get joy in being able to express my sound in new ways. The reason why it’s best for me anyways is cause when u do chord shapes I can do cool arpeggiations that allow for for the notes to trickle beautifully into one another. However perhaps a better solution to give my hands more duration would be to just know the arpeggios and just play the notes one at a time for a similar effect to reduce the stress on my hands especially long term. What do you think?

  7. You’re probably looking for solo bass arrangements. Here’s a youtube channel that posts them with tabs!!

  8. It’s totally up to you. Some people will love the older strings tone and some people will love the newer strings tone 🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. learn solo bass arrangements. a lot more entertaining to the average listener.

  10. Maybe try learning a bit of theory. When I got stuck around the same point of playing as you i decided to start learning theory. You’d be surprised how much it can improve your playing. Also make sure your technique is alright.

  11. Tye Zamora from Alien Ant Farm. He preforms with Slightly Stoopid now but man his bass lines and tone are killer!! Not to mention his stage presence is incredible as well.

  12. Grace notes, you play the first very shortly before you play the second one. I'd play these as a hammer-on/pull-up

  13. Just asking out of curiosity. Is there ever a time when you don’t play them as a hammer-on/pull-off and just as a super quick note?

  14. Thompsons in walnutport if youre up for the trip!

  15. Had to throw the hbk heartbreak in my Bay Area tat. Easily the most influencial group *for the Bay post hyphy era

  16. probably the 2nd most influential group from the bay behind the click. although totally insane is also pretty good too they just don’t have the influence.

  17. Damn bro I never knew, I just asked my cousin to confirm if they broke up she said they might all have gone their separate ways, is this true? Fingers crossed hoping not.

  18. sadly it is true. I know Iamsu, Plo, Skipper, Dash e, and jay ant are still cool. But kehlani got really main stream and Iamsu/plo both unfollowed sage on insta so idk.

  19. Oh and left lower ribs ache too

  20. i’ve been struggling with this all day. i just try not to think about it but anxiety makes it worse sometimes. I’ve noticed i’ll have it for a couple days and then it goes away only to come back a week later.

  21. just another quick question. since A# and Bb are the same note how would the A# be augmented but the Bb not?

  22. What instrument you play? Guitar often omits the 5th for more colorful tones.

  23. i play bass. i like to experiment with a lot of uncommon chords on my 6 string and the 5th is usually where it ends up getting a bit muddy.

  24. I think it should be. I mean, it is the only one you can remove without turning it into another chord. Like in C Major 7: Remove the C, E Minor chord. Remove the E, is it a C Minor Major7 or C Major Major7? Remove the B, C Major chord.

  25. this is definitely one of the best lists i’ve seen but I was surprised you’ve left off some artists include..

  26. is this still a problem for you because i’m experiencing the same issue right now. i had it working earlier today but now it’s not. I’ve turned off mono audio and done all the steps but still can’t hear through my wired earbuds.

  27. Any word on if/when Innanetape will come to streaming services? Or Traffic? Or C-tape? Or the SaveMoney album? Or the collab album with Chance? Love Vic but need more music from him!

  28. Two other acceptable answers might be Joe Dart and Robert Trujillo. Vulfpeck is popular with the world's musicians and Metallica continues to gain new fans all the time.

  29. I can definitely see your point but imo Paul is easily more popular. Paul isn’t defined in some group like most other bassists including Thundercat (no disrespect at all cause i take more inspiration from thundercat than almost any other bassist) but Paul is basically in his own league because he was a Beatle. Take people from ages 10-80 and I guarantee you most of them know The Beatles/Paul. You can really not say the same about thundercat. Them changes was a massive hit and who knows in 10 years Thundercat could be the most well known bassist. As of right now though it’s certainly Paul. Even as a bassist Paul is more influential.

  30. Again, what are your qualifications? Is it just famous people who play bass? Or popular bassists who are known for bass? Because if we wanna get really nitty gritty about Bass players who are popular, Davie 504 is the most. And in terms of 10 y/o knowing Macca, they would know Davie504 or Thundercat far more.

  31. Famous people that play bass. Idk how many 10 year olds i know that would know Thundercat. But I agree to disagree.

  32. Currently, Thundercat is top dog on the charts. There's better out there, sure, but just look around the charts of the last 10 years and catch him on his come-up. I'm strictly speaking of the zeitgeist, not GOAT, but other posters have that covered!

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