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  1. Ty for this! I just got a mystery yesterday. So far he seems smarter than my nerite, but I’ve offered my nerite algae wafers and cucumbers and he never goes for them. I’m worried that my tank doesn’t have enough algae for him to survive ):

  2. I guarantee there won’t be enough food to keep a snail happily fed if you don’t give them more than just what they can find in the tank. I have tetra with mine so I add extra food to fall to the bottom for mine and feed snello 2 times a week. Remember, they need to eat vegetables, proteins and calcium to be happy and healthy. They are omnivorous animals, so they don’t just want algae.

  3. Oh wow interesting! I didn’t know that, my bf said algae was enough but he never had snails besides the “pest” ones. I’ll try giving him some betta fish flakes now that she’s not in the same tank

  4. I’ve added cuddlebone and algae bites to the water to help with calcium

  5. How do you add cuttlebone? Do you just drop in a chunk and let them munch off it or does it like dissolve in the water??

  6. One piece is on the bottom letting them munch and one is floating on top dissolving

  7. Dog owners are confused how they got so many unless they spent a literal fortune

  8. Ugh yes! In the winter I literally go to work at sunrise and leave at sunset so I can’t do shit after work

  9. Hiking, actually doing photography with the camera I spent over $1,000 and only haven’t upgraded because I’ve used it a total of like 3 times in 2 years now. I wish someone would go out with me so I could use it.

  10. 4 weeks. Maybe if you see no issues with them whatsoever i would go as short as 3.5 weeks. Less than that isnt a proper quarantine.

  11. I don’t use mods but when I play I usually play with a story, and if that story requires my sim to start off a bit wealthier than so be it.

  12. You know, one way to teach a dog to stop barking is to teach them to bark on cue.

  13. I have noticed that the edges of my salvinia get brown where they are closest to the light, but imo this doesn’t look like that at all

  14. I’m looking into getting a mystery and I absolutely adore this one over the solid blues. Where did you get him?


  16. Do they flower underwater or do they need to be above water to flower?

  17. How can I keep a pothos alive? They always die the second I buy them

  18. One time a kid masturbated next to me at our science table

  19. I was going to suggest loaches but your tanks are probably too small

  20. Yup! Those are both anubias. I think the right one is nana, idk about the left. In the back is Pearl weed

  21. How’d you modify the filter? She seem bothered by the current?

  22. I haven’t yet. But no, she doesn’t like being directly in it but at a distance she’s fine with it. Again, she’s a girl and doesn’t have huge fins like the boys do

  23. One night me and my boyfriend (at the time we were just talking obviously) we’re on the phone like we did every night, I forget how the conversation came up but basically he said something along the lines of “I don’t see the point in waiting, I know what I want” and I just agreed with him. We were only talking for two weeks at that point hence the “why wait” part, but I thought it was cute af. At no point did he ask “will you be my girlfriend” or anything direct like that, it was implied but we both knew what he meant.

  24. When I was a teen I didn’t want to hear that high school would be the easiest time of my life, I was depressed af. Now I wish I could go back to having minimal responsibilities (,:

  25. In my short experience working as a vet tech, I swear vets expect perfection. I don’t think I’ve ever met a high maintenance group of people than when I was at a veterinary hospital.

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