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  1. How was the exam? I’m going into advanced at the end of the month and when I’m done by beginning of April I can write.

  2. It was honestly pretty straightforward. Just make sure you read the full question and take your time , you got 4 hours. Lots of motor calcs (overcurrent & wire) , fire alarm , safety & a lot of motor control wiring diagrams.

  3. Congratulations! Now, it's time to move out of Ontario!

  4. Ok, i see that. He also sent buffon to the shadow realm with his PK.

  5. Then Buffon took him with him with that insane save on that header

  6. Can you post your calculations? I got a different answer for the ampacity required.

  7. Yup , just realized I messed up my calculation. That would explain it. I got 120.83 Amps which would be good for a #1 @ 75 Degrees. Whoops lol !

  8. No but I think they are saying the odds of you existing are so astronomically low , genetically speaking. You are technically one in a million

  9. This guy is a bucket. Can’t wait to see what he does in the league in a couple of years , hopefully brings Orlando some stability they’ve needed for a long time.

  10. Are you trying find the voltage between a hot wire and a wire that isn't connected to anything? Why would that be 120?

  11. Lets say it is connected to a load. If the fuse is blown, should I not get 120V ?

  12. Ok, what about a motor wired Delta ? Since there’s no reference to ground I would not get a reading as well ?

  13. As a 2nd year apprentice, I personally wouldn’t let you touch anything but a broom until your 3rd year.

  14. Yeah, a lot of people think like you. Unfortunately that’s why here in Toronto we have a bunch of guys with their licenses who don’t know shit about fuck.

  15. You can't just tell the other person they only listen to mainstream and then mention names that are all very well-known.

  16. There’s a difference between mainstream and well-known, I shouldn’t really have to explain that. Out of all of the names I mentioned Kendrick Lamar & Tyler are considered “main-stream”

  17. They might not be as big as the top dogs but all of the names you mentioned are on the radio while i'm not even from US or listen to radio often. Black thought & The Roots are very well known black thought is even on Jimmy Fallon, etc.

  18. Yeah I guess everyone’s definition is different but when I think mainstream artist I mean if I go to 10 random people on the street and ask them “Hey you know who Kendrick Lamar is ?” I’d assume at least 7/10 people would know, but doubt it would be the same for someone like Danny brown or Black thought etc.

  19. Gonna sound like a real asshole here but looking at picture #19 (Electrical) I really hope that wasn't your finished rough in.

  20. Is this an outside wall ? I know In Canada a lot of condos/apartments the metal studs they use on the outside walls are a thicker grade then the non-outside wall studs. You probably just need to start with a small, sharp steel bit and work your way up

  21. I'm drilling inside, however, the other side of this wall is my patio wall. The wall is hollow (it's about 30cm wide from one side to the other).

  22. Yeah an outside wall is a construction term meaning a wall where the other side of it is finished with brick/stucco/siding etc.

  23. Something like Jay Elec-Hanukkah, or Jay Elec-Yarmulke, or Jay Elec-Ramadan Muhammad as-salaam-alaikum RasoulAllah Subhanahu wa ta’ala through your monitor.

  24. Oh no, a minute portion of geriatric population passed away. Shut it down. Shut it all down!

  25. I’m so fucking sick and tired of people like you.

  26. The 2019 Raptors do not win the NBA Championship without everyone on the Warriors team being hurt. They were not the better team.

  27. "The best team was the one my team lost to because it makes me feel better"

  28. When bending a 30 degree offset, put your level on the bender handle, when the bender handle is level , the bend is at 30 degrees. repeat for the other bend. It will be accurate or extremely close 95% of the time if you levelled the pipe correctly

  29. Works with ideal benders though which are the most common I’ve seen

  30. But that’s what happens in a union. Every body should be payed there worth based off how much they get done. And shouldn’t get based off a bosses opinion of your work ethic. Free loaders should be called out at any point. I do it all the time some one is texting to much boom I say something we have a meeting that person gets better and on a consistent rate then you get a raise. Not freeload and get payed cause every body got payed. The top guys end up like atlas. I think.

  31. You don’t understand how unions work then , unions collectively bargain the MINIMUM amount the companies can pay you. If you truly believe you’re worth more you can negotiate a higher salary.

  32. Which means less for me while I bust my ass to do it faster then you. I busy my ass to literary be the best. But I’m going to get paid the same. I don’t like that at all.

  33. Like I said , the union is just there to keep companies from exploiting you and paying you trash wages. They negotiate a MINIMUM, fair amount.

  34. For local 353 the intake is through the electrical apprenticeship training alliance. You'll have to check their website for when their intake is and the required courses you must have

  35. 353 is taking anybody they can get from what I’ve heard , never been a better time to get into the union.

  36. Honestly the way this sub, the media & nba fans have been treating this kid is a fucking disgrace. Didn’t have a great rookie year because he is a project, nobody is a polished player coming out of the draft.

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