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  1. Yeah this the kind of shit that’s should be on

  2. Skills that give people free searches are stupid. Especially when there's no limitations to using them.

  3. I intentionally add [object Object] just to mess with the devs that look at the free text field

  4. The giveaway is that the first O is not capitalized!

  5. Nah. Keep it in a separate database system and build an Apache Kafka based ecosystem of micro-services hosted on Kubernetes to fetch the data. Throw in Galactus for good measure. Hope OmegaStar delivers in time.

  6. I don't know why this was so satisfying to read. This would actually be fun to implement

  7. Yeah really should be limit 3 it's definitely on the same power level as Compulse and often better

  8. Thank you, not sure why so many fellow duelists disagree but glad to see someone of like mind

  9. You got so lucky against Elden Beast wtf he didn’t use like half of his attacks against you haha.

  10. I actually did get lucky. First time against Elden beast I got him to 2% hp with unga Bunga then he started going all out after I flopped that try and it took me like 50 more tries of pure tilt

  11. There's this podcast about Qanon. One lady came on and was talking about her sister who left her husband and kids to join this guy. Mind you, she was a nurse and her husband a doctor, so they were pretty well off.

  12. I had a pet squirrel once. It fell out of a tree, and I basically nursed it back to health. We were pretty inseparable, when I was at home. It would perch on my shoulders and just chill an md eat nuts.

  13. I was born and raised Muslim and the fact that no one could tell me why God would create life just so he can judge it is the reason I began to believe that there is no heaven or hell and life is just about God experiencing every possible happening all at once through his creation. We think ourselves individuals but we're actually a small candle lit from the great torch meant only to experience existence as itself.

  14. Considering the CCP owns at least 10% of all Canadian real estate through shell companies .. those days are dead and gone

  15. I keep saying this kind of stuff needs to be prevented through law. Foreign real estate should be seized so that CANADIANS can purchase them.

  16. I don't feel Jay and Matthew's break up was rushed because it was suppose to be abrupt. Matthew saw that he was changing Jay into something he wasn't. They probably still both like each other, and might even get back together in the future once Jay has a solid identity he can adapt to fit into Matthew's world, rather than dropping everything about himself to please Matthew.

  17. I never understood why Matthew couldn't just accept Jay as he is? My wife and I were talking about this last night when we watched the finale.. Jay was just Jay when they got together and he started changing all these things about him, why not just accept him for who he is?

  18. I legit started watching Zexal after I started playing trains only to see anna

  19. Bro Fr? I can afford that in 100 years! Time to start saving!

  20. You only make $10,000 a year? You've got bigger problems

  21. No don't let the haters get to you. JavaScript is the free spirit of programming languages and I think that's beautiful.

  22. Amen. I love JavaScript/ typescript and am grateful I get paid to work with it

  23. I've watched one piece since 2012. I've always loved it since day 1

  24. It's rediculous that this war still goes on. Drugs won the war on drugs. If you want to help people be safe we need to legalize and regulate everything. Reputable shops won't sell laced shit and the government will make way more on taxes than by they way they do it now by stealing the drugs, lacing them with fent, and redistributing to the public

  25. The for profit prison systems would never allow it. How else would they get our sweet tax dollars?

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