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  1. They said it possibly leaked out on its way. LOL, well guess just walk back down the tracks and look.

  2. if they did make it, it would probably take 30 minutes to sim roster and crash the game. simple to some is monumental to them

  3. Hope theres comp or correction to already spent. I wasted 1,200 iso to get a score of 1,200 instead of 12,000. pretty huge difference

  4. Why are you still playing? It’s been stale for over a month now

  5. I liked it , wanted to see what hit monkey could do

  6. I enjoy the game, i was killin my phone battery up trying to get to at least lvl 50 in last few days of season. So to jump right back into the exact same matches i was already doing was a kick in the shin. I was hoping people were playing around with Hit monkey, trying out something new etc.

  7. my kid wants to be pokemon that cant be caught, who tf is this guy

  8. Hot new item to blitz store for only 1,000 credits... t2 ability materials

  9. yesterday at start of core event when i started trying, still dont let me get in

  10. almost 5 year daily player here, im in for apocalpyse and that will be the apocalpyse ending for me. War and CC are only replayable game modes, even war is rinse repeat and CC is shitty Weaver fight which i dont enjoy anymore since her addition. Nothing has got better and theres no enjoyment anymore from this thing that used to be a game.

  11. More quitting logs to the fire

  12. Its a Tacobell Chicken Taco. Everybody likes taco bell tacos, everbody like fried chicken. Just didnt care enough about the finished product when they put the two together

  13. For DD5 City..Cloak/Dagger and some spideys are nice, but I believe Squirrell Girl is the real MVP with applying heal block and cleansing, which the City nodes goes heavy on healing over and over

  14. Game is simply going downhill for players and uphill scopelys pockets, its bad all around this game.

  15. I really hope they don't implement something that restrictive until after unranked mode is introduced.

  16. maybe if the restricted types were optional??

  17. According to my military friends that were at Djbouti, its really bad all east africa

  18. I'd like to think they know its a private companys balloon and they want to rack up as many airspace violations and fines as possible then when it gets past atlantic shores theyll drop it in the ocean

  19. I believe Why Files on youtube did a good case on it for better understanding check it out, then you decide ..

  20. Alot of math there, thought i read yesterday, it was first spotted on sunday jan 29th, i'll try to find it

  21. How bout those great T2 ability mats in the other milestone, what great rewards!

  22. this is a 22 meter aerostat camera only, not part of the TARS, as it has no radar. Private contracted by T-COM and CBP. New contract was launched in july to setup 21 of these smaller cam-only versions all over the border. They can only have enought tether to fly up to around 4,000 ft ASL, but cam range is close to 35 miles

  23. Thats bad, hope they dont drive this game into ground by spring

  24. Have a look at top post in just past month, you decide

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