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Alex Jones must pay more than $45 million in punitive damages to the family of a Sandy Hook massacre victim, jury orders

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  1. It's not even religion. The Bible shows you how to conduct an abortion.

  2. That's a little more than the 2 million He said would ruin him.

  3. All this because an 80 year old woman wanted egg rolls.

  4. But why do Drag queens have to involve children in the first place like can some just explain what the point is other than stirring up political tension

  5. Because as a child watching a professional performer tell a story dressed as a colorful fairy godmother is amazing.

  6. If you think drag story times are sexualized you could probably use some inclusion and education on it.

  7. They had a shortage near the beginning of Covid and started issuing visas to foreign teachers like crazy I am sure that's going to happen again.

  8. How do you get arrested in mid July & end up working as a security guard a week or so later?

  9. How about now? It worked when I clicked on it

  10. Why is pretending to play a violin in a public place for money worse than playing a violin for money in a public place?

  11. Russia and china are freaking out because an 80 year old woman wanted egg rolls is the highlight of the day.

  12. They need to think smaller so that every woman can be their own abortion-free zone or not.

  13. Is this the same one from 5 hours ago?

  14. You can always tell because numbers don't lie a majority of attacks on Asians are by white people, yet any of these articles would downvote anything that points that out and then get filled with racist comments trying push an alternative narrative. What the people who keep pushing that over and over again is that an article that gets that manipulated will never stay up as it gets the admins involved.

  15. You are propagating asian hate rhetoric by diminishing the phenomenon of black violence against Asians. I love how ppl who don't live in Asian communities act like they know who's the main perpetrator. Historically violence against Asians were not labled as hate crimes, just recently has Asians been fighting for their lives and the recent stats show the true picture.

  16. So when people use visa to buy guns for shootings we can sue them now?

  17. pelosi was quoted as saying "I call"

  18. I hope they bought them on the dollar menu.

  19. They should check it's stomach for the guy that brought a knife to an alligator fight.

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