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  1. I was in a similar situation. My condo has metergy as well and it bills hydro and water in one bill. As per my rental agreement, landlord is responsible for water while I'm responsible for hydro and heat. Metergy refused to shift water bill to landlord so presented the below two options to the landlord -

  2. That makes a lot sense, I’m gonna propose this to the landlord. One question: when you say “heat” is it the same thing as “gas” in the standard form?

  3. Out of curiousity where are you renting? In Toronto, it's Toronto Hydro for the electric. Sewage, water and waste is the city so would be under the homeowner's name/tax roll. And gas is Enbridge I believe. Those are three separate entities.

  4. It's a condo at Don Mills & Eglinton. Each unit is sub-metered by Metergy Solutions.

  5. So I got another response from the realtor, that the listing stated that water isn't included and it was the case when we made the offer (does it matter?). The agreement was just being drawn up incorrectly. However, in my opinion, signed deal is signed deal. The agreement is the one that's binding, not the listing. Should I still pay the water charges first and then file a claim via LTB?

  6. What does your lease say? Because the LL and his realtor had chances to correct it, and they didn’t.

  7. So, does that mean we can add Presto to Wallet like Suica in Japan and Octopus Card in Hong Kong?

  8. Any terms that contradict the Ontario Standard Lease are illegal.

  9. Wow this is a super useful page. It turns out, in that very lengthy terms and conditions, half of them are illegal. They asked me for cleaning fees, post-dated cheques, banned subletting, pay for garbage removal. Key deposit amount is outrageous too ($350), but it's a condo so I assume all units are the same. Is there a way I can find out how much it's charging in that condo?

  10. Now that iOS 16 and watchOS 9 is out, has anyone been able to get metrics on their third party TVs via AirPlay?? I have had no luck so far

  11. Same. Haven't been able to get it work

  12. Credit card cash back. Topping up Presto is 4% but using it directly on transit is 2%.

  13. Thanks, that’s quite close! With this version 2:11-2:26 is very similar to part of the ad

  14. Doesn't seem like it though...

  15. All you need to do, once you port out to a non-bell owned carrier (Bell owns virgin/plus, northwestel and lucky), wait for the final invoice, and pay it. Simple as that.

  16. Thanks! This is what I was looking for

  17. Same. 13 Pro Max and Series 5 here

  18. Got the same issue. If I have not mistaken, that is the format with spatial audio. Some of my music also became HLS and have the same behaviour -- it played for the first time but after restarting Music they won't play again (removing download can play the music again but you can't play once you re-download)

  19. Or it's just a plot hole...

  20. The plane was supposed to crash as shown in the simulator.

  21. Did compatibility mode work?

  22. I don't get it... I use a 27" Dell 3840x2160 4k display and it looks great @2x "retina" resolution. It's sharp, looks miles better than my old "non-retina" resolution displays. Yet it's in the "bad zone" according to this chart... hmmm.

  23. Wouldn't the text look too big? It's like displaying the content of a normal 1920x1080 resolution. Also the iMac 21.5" Retina has a resolution of 4096x2304, an even higher resolution than your 27" 3840x2160, so I guess the text on your screen may be larger than that on typical Mac devices.

  24. Wonder how I can go from 18A389 to 18A391... do I need to reinstall Mojave or can I simply update?

  25. You will need to download the full installer

  26. It's already out as an IPSW on the Developer site.

  27. Can you post the link for iPhone X? :P

  28. I'm from HK and subscribed for early access too... Where could you see a "waiting queue"?

  29. No? The floating dock was introduced with iOS 11... Unless it happened with the old style dock but even then, I don't think so.

  30. Similar bug happened before the dock change. As far as I remember this bug has been in place as early as iOS 9.

  31. Not until macOS 10.13.5 is released

  32. Hey can I ask you something. You are the only person with pretty much identical issue as mine.

  33. "if both phones have a conversation with the same person, would they get merged as well?"

  34. It doesn’t happen instantly. You have to turn it on and basically plug it in with WiFi on. Mine has been working fine.

  35. It works after charging both devices with Wi-Fi turned on! Cheers 🍻

  36. It exists on some Chinese forum long ago, back to OS X Mavericks. (I don't see any recent versions though) They have it for Hackintosh, but with some proper tweaks I think it can be used on a real Mac.

  37. On beta 5 and I can confirm that it hangs during partitioning. Device: rMBP 13" (2015) converted to APFS during upgrade

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