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  1. Sounds like he’s planning a terror attack.

  2. He has a popular daily devotional called GiveHim15. There are 3K subscribers on Rumble and 5K on FB, they urge people to use the app though. I am working on his Jan 5 and Jan 6 podcasts now. I think this is important, I wish I knew how to get the word out.

  3. Obviously like he was a plant by the feds who was put there to sell the sheeple on the narrative that January 6th was anything other than Patriots making daisy chains and singing kumbaya.

  4. Fuck this guy. He’s a self admitted Christian nationalist and lies to his audience all the time in order to get them to buy gold and survivalist gear. He’s a wannabe Alex Jones with a bigger Christian flair.

  5. Makes no sense to let people talk about Type I weed then. Allowing people to talk about Type I strains without getting high would be like saying this is a sub about having sex but you can't talk about orgasms.

  6. I don't think it'll really matter much to be honest. As long as they have an (R) next to their name it's good enough. It's not a hard choice to make when you either vote republican or vote for what they believe is a pedophile child killing human trafficking organization.

  7. The MAGA and Nevertrumpers both think they are the future of the party, maybe the nevertrumpers have given up.

  8. You said you don't accept homosexuals, now you are saying you have gay friends you know very well. It would be disingenuous for you to be talking about people who don't have gay sex so I don't understand.

  9. I don’t accept homosexual behavior, is a better way of putting it. Just like I wouldn’t accept a friend being a drunkard, or physically harming anyone else. I don’t shame drunkards, or people who have done bad things in their past, I only have disdain for those who don’t have any hope to live properly. Everyone sins, not everyone strives to keep committing those sins.

  10. They're very different effects. Death Star is stronger for me, but sativas always seem to hit me lighter.

  11. Yeah, I can see that. Hippie crippler for me is more intoxicating mentally but death star more sedating.

  12. These last months are the first time in 40 years I’ve intentionally used weed medicinally and it’s great. Other than when I have a bad cold or use it for nausea. Or for a headache or anxiety. Ok, what am I saying, I use it all the time for everything I am a pothead.

  13. It doesn't make sense, Biden would have waited closer to the election to deplete the petroleum reserves, it must have another purpose. Why would they want us to run out of gas pretty much right on election day?

  14. Tell them about the networks of 5G voting machines being worse than the jab. The FEMA coffins are being distributed and this work order says it has to be done two days before election day.

  15. In an interview years ago an ex Russian botnet programmer said they just sent out dozens of tweets about the same thing and watched it morph and grow.

  16. Apparently he’s not anti abortion, he’s just claims he is.

  17. The GOP talking point is, "Voters would rather have a hypocritical pro-lifer than a pro-abortion Democrat" here's the same thing in

  18. He must not be using the peptides as an anal suppository. You wouldn't believe the number of patients coming into my office who don't know how to take peptides.

  19. I have no idea what you’re trying to say.

  20. I would probably be fine with cheating on your spouse being made illegal. I’m also fine with gay marriage and cheating being legal.

  21. In the US, in most or all states you need to be ordained to "solemnize" a marriage.

  22. This has to be it. They take one piece of reality, remove it from reality, then assign it to some bizarre Q realm, and declare it truth. And hey, there's even a video to prove it! All the water is gone! Forever!

  23. There probably will be as soon as someone invents a mind reading machine. A lot of the fundies would welcome having thought police. While they rabbit on endlessly about 'freedoms' in practise they are all about restricting people's freedoms.

  24. The almost every news outlet has articles today about the growing illegitimacy of SCOTUS. Apparently he's going for two birds with one stone, destroy an institution and fix his document theft and hiding problem.

  25. "Everything humans seek is something that exists. Food, warmth, love. Because we seem to have a natural urge to seek something like God, something like God exists."

  26. And during the 2016 Convention softened support for Ukraine in the party platform. Changing “lethal defensive weapons” to “appropriate assistance,” for example.

  27. So it's an app that you use while pointing your phone towards your regular bed? Lol that's hilarious.

  28. This gives me an idea, I'm going to start selling medbed insurance. Both for patients and liability insurance for providers.

  29. Not religious myself but there could be lots of reasons. The Bible says it was because he was lonely. They, rather, God and other heavenly beings.

  30. Same reason they stopped believing spirits caused disease, science. It’s clearer to more people that’s there’s nothing magic about human beings. Consciousness is the only thing that’s still mysterious, there is less need for explanation.

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