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  1. plot twist: dad comes to the lunch table looking like he just got a blowjob at a glory hole.

  2. Shit, that ass could put me in a neck brace and I wouldn’t complain! 😮‍💨🤤

  3. Yeah I don't think it's gonna happen anymore, Scott sounds like he maybe self-consciousness and jealous. The pleasure his wife got from u could mean that's swapping won't happen anymore. Good luck

  4. I agree with my man! I imagine Scott had some sleepless nights, a day or days working through the day and this shit was running through his mind. Jealousy.. Self Consciousness.. use to the big and girthy dicks win but YET not with his wife and the AVERAGE size 6-7” with not as much girth pleasured his wife in ways, multiple position he could never.. orgasms in the positions he could only do a selective few in but this guys did em in all. The outcry of passion to cum in her.

  5. As fucked up as it sounds on my part.. but I’m happy for you! You needed that! You deserve that! & HELL, yes, your husband should’ve been the one, but it wouldn’t have been the same. The delivery wouldn’t have been lustful, passionate, all formalities to the side, & the respect wouldn’t have been on the back burner. He wouldn’t have fucked you like a “Slut” (not calling you one, no disrespect intended). Some don’t know how to turn that switch, and some don’t have it in them. It’s always the standardized married couple way I call it.. “get in the sheet, fluff the pillow.. and pop no more than two positions if They make it passed position one.”

  6. How often does a hubby go into that asshole of yours? Looks so inviting!

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