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  1. Nah i don't think so. Einherjar are way stronger than shamans late game and rat has a slower early game.

  2. He is talking about the cheesy Negociation Rat. Which is infinite scaling and shaman reaching 150 hp in 803, and even more if the game goes longer.

  3. Check out some of my guides and some tips on my youtube channel: LaBaguetteDuGame

  4. LaBaguette, is that you my brotha? You rock, dude. Thanks for your content, please don't stop!! Me and my friends have been watching you to improve out gameplay all the way down from Brazil :)

  5. Yes it's me :) thanks mate these kind of feedbacks are what keeps me going

  6. With this new Kraken mechanics, you can send armies of 30 units in 802. I recommend looking at one of my guides on youtube (labaguettedugame) to check how you can do that.

  7. It's all duels or FFA? no team ?

  8. Wait for some guides to pop up you'll see raven is still pretty good

  9. I believe all upgrades are additive. Can't think of any that are multiplicative

  10. maybe the one from the gefjun jar relic ?

  11. If feels like the update took away alot and tried to tone down the unique elements of the clans to make them all play more similar to each other. It's looking like the game is trying to focus on a more multiplayer competitive audience.

  12. It's funny because i'm thinking the opposite. The clans are getting more identity with this patch

  13. Horse is definetly not stronger lol. Snake either.


  15. I made a video guide on Ox before the patch, it can still work with the current state of the game.

  16. I swear having 2 ravens perma raid everything is just leading to having a mental breakdown...

  17. I once played raven in an FFA matchup, raiding all beaches of the map with the raven relic every month and a half. I had to stop because of the noises. Just so much noises.

  18. Rat main here, yes we exist,few changes:

  19. Thanks for your feedback!

  20. Understandable, because last time I played with/against other rat was on ffa half a year ago.

  21. To give you some insight, this is how the scores are calculated. For each role, the tier gives points (S = 5, A = 4, ..., D = 1).

  22. I played raven on beta, i can assure you it is OP.

  23. Care to elaborate please? I'm not too sure how to play them now, are you harassing coasts for ressources early and rush 500 fame to hire mercenaries to end opponent???

  24. It's a completely different gameplay now. You have any map from small to huge scouted by max july 801. That's OP.

  25. I am planning to release my frist video guide with this clan (La baguette du game). So stay tuned and probably next 2 weeks you'll have it

  26. I don't know jack about angular, but why are you picking it over react? I think you'd have better luck being open to that

  27. Because i have never worked on react. But if someone would be interested in working with me, i'd be ok starting over in react.

  28. You can check out my tierlist that i usually update after a while when new updates comes out

  29. I think stag in team games, unless it's mirrored, is the worst clan. You simply cannot have relic and army before late 802 and if you don't go relic, any other clan is better.

  30. Tbh i havent seen a single good guide for ANY clan on youtube. Better watch some high ranked players on twitch

  31. Some youtube channels are not meant for advanced players, FreezeMyDrip or La baguette du game have good tutorials for begginners. It at least gives you the meta and explains why some choices are made

  32. C'est pas une révélation. Le programme même de LFI consiste à faire tomber la Vème république par la remplacer par une autre de leur cru.

  33. Pas de leur cru, du cru du peuple, nuance

  34. La vraie question est : qui a voté pour lui (au 1er tour) Qu’ils se dénoncent ou se taisent a jamais !!

  35. De mon age (25-35) ans, ceux qui ont voté pour lui sont en général des gens qui ne s'intéressent pas à la politique mais qui ont le sens civique d'aller voter. Des gens qui ont juste vite fait entendu que le reste c'est des extrêmes donc faut voter macron.

  36. That makes a lot of sense now. I have yet to see anyone win via any other condition. But I hoped that was just due to people preferring conquest. =/

  37. If you want to see other win conditions, the best mode is FFA. You can probably end up with this type of win if you have no eagle/wolf/raven/snake/lynx clans. And that is only if you are able to not be ahead in the mid game and then burst your way to a lore/fame victory.

  38. Chers amis français, en tant qu’Italien qui vous observe, je me pose beaucoup de questions concernant ces manifestations.

  39. Je trouve extraordinaire cet argument de la démographie.

  40. Mouais bof son projet était connu et faisait parti de sa campagne il a toujours dit qu’il le fairait pour une fois que quelqu’un applique son programme… (attention je suis pas pro Macron loin de là).

  41. Et alors? On oublie vite que seulement 19% des inscrits aux listes électorales ont voulu de Macron. Que la moitié des votes obtenus au second tour était un barrage à Le Pen à l'appel, ce qu'il a chercher à obtenir durant toute sa campagne en attaquant systématiquement tout le monde sauf le RN.

  42. Alrighty no worries, we will try snake, boar and raven or horse and see how we go. Do most games end by 802-803ish? And on the opposite scale could possibly make a stall 3 man and drain the economy of the enemies till they can’t afford the war?

  43. Eagle/Horse: Because eagle can trade stone/iron to horse, map generation will probably give more ruins for eagle and eagle scouting will give plenty of time for horse to scale.

  44. Eagle you finish the game early/mid 801

  45. I just hope they release a huge balance patch before any new clans. And i would even say that reworks would be better than adding new clans at this point

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