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Got the best picture I’ve ever seen in my life today. Then my in-laws said “He looks like Trump!” :(

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  1. some people still use whore in the literal/classical sense as in "he left me for someone whom he pays/paid for sex." you'd be surprised how often it still happens but yeah the ex husband is defo the definitive slut in the equation.

  2. How can all women 27-45 have the same handwriting? lol that's stupid even people in the same classroom don't have remotely the same handwriting...

  3. Apparently, view times negatively impact channel much like low views. The algorithm docks them when people don't finish videos. This is based off of other YouTubers discussing their issues with monetization.

  4. it goes: liking a video, disliking a video, then completely ignoring it is actually the worst you can do for a vid because a hate watch, especially engaging with it by thumping down still positively impacts a video. (in fact most platforms incentivize it, that's why when you watch rage fuel that you disliked, the algorithm will recommend much more of it. It keeps people watching.) Also mad people love to comment!

  5. could you please elaborate about Claire's walkout ? I looked it up and couldn't find anything. :( Can you link me how you learned about it i'm really interested ~

  6. I'm gonna say that doing that in the presence of Asians is never going to be well received by those Asians. It probably won't elicit an outburst or result in violence, but it's not going to be very appreciated.

  7. how do people not understand theoretically brown face paint is not racist, but doing it PURPOSELY in front of dark skinned people has an overt intention. People are being purposely obtuse. It's giving "What, so now face masks are racist?!"

  8. the way that people don't understand you can't ever change your race but you can change your weight ?! * facepalm

  9. I hate when people don't post names...

  10. You'd be surprised, horrified and saddened to know how many guys are rapists. Most rapists don't see themselves that way because it only happened one time for them. He'll shrug it off because she initially consented before saying no or she finally, reluctantly said yes after he pestered her endlessly for sex.

  11. Yea read a frightening study where they asked college guys if they were rapists and an unsurprising 0 (maybe 1%?) said yea, but then they answered questions that were pretty much...rape? and 50% were like "Well if she resists it's ok cause she said yeah earlier" or "she's drunk it's okay" the most upsetting facet of it was a lot of it just had to do with how the guy felt, regardless of their partner...It was like "If you are REALLY want to, and your partner doesn't seem interested, would you go ahead anyway" and that was where the largest margin of rapists were telling on themselves. Some of it was about past behavior and most would admit to having done one of those behaviors in the past, it was also formatted on a 4 point scale rather than absolutes which is much more honest. I was reading about it because it was shown as an exemplary way to ask about actual behavior and find more accurate statistics than "Have you ever raped someone" All respondents: "No, I'm not a rapist."

  12. Oh man, I thought her name was Gina. :(

  13. So here's the thing if they had trained the monkeys without you know being terrible to them this would actually be a really cool thing because monkeys could be trained for labor in a way where they are genuinely paid in food and good shelter and are treated well It is possible because they're rather intelligent creatures we are fine with doing that with service dogs but instead of this being a cool story about how we managed to train animals to be good partners with humans like we have with many others (some do it on their own there's some dolphins that work with native tribes to catch fish for both of them and the whole story of cats is them doing it on their own) but instead we get this terrible story where monkeys are being abused and here's the thing you don't even have to train every monkey One of the amazing things we have found with the smarter animals we work with is they are capable of teaching their young what we teach them

  14. I think they do train some of them that way they're just highlighting the most evil practices among them because PETA.

  15. This article doesn't even name the companies that sell the coconut milk to HelloFresh.

  16. it absolutely was a thing in the US. Just used the nicer term "Indentured servants" instead of slaves but that didn't improve the treatment at all.

  17. lol, this is the perfect comment for the pseudo fact thread!

  18. Dude, wasn't Napoleon 5'9", which is the average height of men around the planet?

  19. Back in the day people were generally shorter so that would be even taller at the time.

  20. I think these two brothers she is traveling with are some kind of male Nanny duo as the article mentioned the kids being home schooled. They seem both kind of young for her and in the pictures they don’t look romantic at all.

  21. Funny how a hot young guy always seems to be "too young" even for a literal supermodel, but there is no lower age limit for too young for a shriveled up white haired grandpa looking impotent husk of a man...

  22. exactly if you’re obsessed with someone for years you don’t not know he didn’t want kids.

  23. She wanted kids and he didn't say no to unprotected sex sooo...? It takes two to tango.

  24. Holy shit. What is up with that? I know there are people that go after married couples but why specifically with substance abuse?

  25. Easy prey. There's a reason you are NOT supposed to date within a year of recovery. You are at your most vulnerable & she knows that. Same reason she always goes for the rebound, it's harder to get someone through a real relationship. tbh I doubt her parent had drug issues(people with druggie parents avoid them like the PLAGUE) because that would put you in the vulnerable position to be abused, and those people don't get to leave those relationships as frequently (if at all) nor are they known chasers. She just seems like someone who found a recovering addict and was like "Damn, that was easy." then repeated that manipulation technique to get what she's clearly stated she wants. I frankly think analyzing her mom being a Vietnamese immigrant and implying she is a social climber is vile and borderline colonialist. Olivia is just a home wrecker, some people are. Actually understanding exactly why is complex and requires years of therapy.

  26. Is this like some weird niche sexual thing? I think he's a great actor and his speech impediment doesn't bother me in the slightest, but why are people so obsessed with it?

  27. lol men: fetishize literally every aspect of a woman

  28. I was having the same issue of getting a red Not Delivered message. I have an iPhone 11 and I took a chance and TURNED OFF MMS in settings and… my MMS sent. Try that? It worked for me

  29. YAY IT FINALLY WORKED. Thank youuu~ I know this is old but wouldn't have tried that without this comment, makes no sense lol.

  30. stop being stupid the plot behind in the episode/ characters is literally too wong foo thank you Julie Newmar with Patrick swayse and Wesley snipes

  31. somebody's not up on their gay history... 💅🏼👀

  32. That’s how relationships worked back then, and was an elegant solution for Betty and Francis both.

  33. You're the only one who seems to see how quickly they connected...I feel like we take that for granted now but their initial flirtation/courting was INTENSELY intimate. Something neither of them had probably ever experienced and is a big part of love (and trust, which she never had before). There was a real tenderness with how they treated each other that was actually really occurs to me now that some people are unable to see those moments that way(especially when it comes to Betty) because they're blinded by other things. Good points all around!

  34. Henry’s Mom called it. “I know what you see in her and you didn’t have to marry her to get it.”

  35. She was just being bitchy cause she hates her & the fact she's divorced. He 100% wanted Betty to be his wife, and on paper she is indeed the perfect wife for him. They had a pretty chaste flirtation honestly ofc he wanted to have sex but that's literally part of every marriage that requires you to wait for the honeymoon... you could say every man at that time just wanted sex then. He's also OLD lol he's definitely had sex, he wanted a wife.

  36. Bouncer from Nashville here, bad tourists aren’t dependent on where the person is from. Bad tourists are people over the age of 55 who believe they are entitled to everyone in the service industry should be licking their feet every step they take.

  37. British tourists be like, "I came, I saw, I colonized"

  38. Conquered is actually a synonym of colonized & it's the original quote lol.

  39. Ok there are 2 things going on here which surprisingly aren't being mentioned so Ill just bring them up..

  40. I didn’t watch the movie but he’s half Jewish so I wouldn’t really take it too seriously

  41. He's half Christian too ya nimrod.

  42. Korean alcoholic drinks? The problem is you drink too many cause they don't taste boozy & get drunk easily, so be careful, watch out & binge drinking is overrated!!

  43. I know you said it’s not your place, but coming from someone who has been in that situation, please tell her that he treats her like garbage. Sometimes you need to hear it before you’re ready to do something about it.

  44. or that she's there for her when she's ready to leave, to be treated better. Definitive negatives like "he treats you like garbage" can cause her to become overly defensive of him: "You don't know him like I do/ He treats me well/I can't think of XYZ he did for me/Im going to dig my heels in the ground about my precious angel cause the world is against us" could backfire but she should definitely approach it cause she does deserve better :(

  45. But that’s not true when the OP is bringing another person into the living situation… The roommate needs to agree to that.

  46. SHE does, only the creepy boyfriend has a problem but he's not living there so it's not his business.

  47. I hate everything about dorming and I wish I could commute. The commute is only about 40 minutes too, even shorter if I were to take the train. My mom is emotionally abusive though, so my mental health has been better since dorming. That's the only good part. Gosh I miss being in a room by myself

  48. I'm pretty sure an introvert wouldn't like to eat alone at a restaurant lol

  49. that's a really classic introvert thing tho, you're thinking of extroverts who have to go out/be seen with people lol

  50. Posts like this come up on this sub everyday. Why do people care so much about what other people are doing with their bodies?

  51. yeah it feels like catching feelings/possessiveness but doesn't actually care enough abt her to lock it down ¯_(ツ)_/¯ either it's casual or it's not..

  52. My uni had sort of a slaughter rule where you can only retake a class like 3x or something, then it was pretty much taken out of your hands even if you have to change majors. I think that rule is dumb, but ig the motivation behind it was to prevent people from wasting their money excessively on a class they are unlikely to ever pass since I’m sure 90% of people who do pass do it within 3 attempts or something like that.

  53. How is it helpful to say "If it's some kind of life issue then, idk, change it maybe?" you know people's parents often die in college (statistically it's pretty high, it's around when lots of parents die), then there's just having to balance jobs + school, or there's the problem of a family responsibility, like having a kid—so your brilliant solution is, just don't be poor, undead your parents, or kill your baby.... You sound just like a school counselor, man. Exactly as in touch.

  54. They hinted at having a learning disability but it's not really your business.

  55. i think it's not unfair cause you're paying, it's unfair cause you're being graded.

  56. College laundry is literally is one of my largest stressors. I'd straight up wait for them to come back to give them a piece of my mind.

  57. I would take their clothes out wet too cause that's legit the shittiest thing you could do, but since they already did just fling 'em out honestly... "Wow, some asshole is throwing clothes outside, apparently?" * surprised pikaxhu face

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