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  1. There is no way to establish a right to transition in a court of law without gender dysphoria. That doesn't mean you don't deserve it; it just means you can't prove you deserve it in court. If you go into court arguing for a right to transition based on "being transgender," you will lose, and every trans person in Florida will lose along with you.

  2. Nice you chose to delete what you originally said. Can’t answer my questions so you call my concerns “ridiculous?” “Yell and scream?” I saw your original comment. Did you think you were quick enough that I wouldn’t see?

  3. I edited my original comments because I thought some of my remarks were unnecessarily unkind.

  4. In all honesty editing them just makes it even more dodgy. You're right, they were unnecessary and unkind, but removing them with no notation of it just to make yourself look nicer is even worse.

  5. I think there are two types of people in this situation: 1) those who are really struggling because of the economy and just don’t make enough to live comfortably & therefore have to rack up cc debt whenever an emergency happens/to make ends meet & 2: those who have become victims of hyper-consumerism (which has been normalized & marketed so hard that it’d honestly be hard not to fall into this trap, particularly if you don’t have supportive & financially aware parents to lead you away from it). The 2nd type is demonized but please remember that trillions of dollars have been spent targeting them/us. This is what our society wanted—for people to buy more, more, more. And then we’re to blame. It’s like having cigarette ads peddled to kids their whole lives but being mad when they smoke 2 packs a day by 19. “They’re adults, they should know better” isn’t how addiction works. And we normalize it. Reward it, even.

  6. What’s this? A nuanced post on consumerism that has compassion for the consumers? Say it ain’t so!

  7. One of the few cis people I’d trust to have my back. What a fucking trooper.

  8. Friendly reminder that even the Joker punches Nazis. He may be an unhinged psychopath but even unhinged psychopaths have standards.

  9. Rem’s a fantastic name! My middle name is Mikhail, after a character from Drakengard 3, and one of my favorite male names. It’s more common than you think!

  10. His Supports with Alois are so wholesome and I love a man who can make my emotional support ratboi laugh.

  11. …have these people not heard of Baby Metal?

  12. Today, in the “cut off your nose to spite your face” fandom…

  13. /sees not one but TWO Dimitris in S tier

  14. So does that mean womanness increases exponentially per baby in the womb????

  15. I don’t think cis people understand.

  16. As a craftsperson myself, this is fantastic and I am so jealous of the talent here. Absolutely amazing work.

  17. Late 80’s - Late-90’s. Late 80’s has some of my earliest memories in there.

  18. That’s me. We must me early 80s babies 😬

  19. I’m an ‘87 baby, actually! But The Little Mermaid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit (or at the very least an in-universe animated short Roger and the baby character “acted” In), Ducktales, and Honey I Shrunk The Kids were movies/shows I watched ad nauseum as a kid. In particularly Honey I Shrunk The Kids was one my mom taped, and I can still remember some of the ads that played when we watched!

  20. “Big fan of my fellow Comrade! His groupies leave a lot to be desired, though, I get why he fucked off to Heaven.”

  21. I always find people declaring to be allies to be kinda weird and self congratulatory. In any context such as race and gender but also including this one. That's not for me to decide. People have different standards for what allyship looks like as well. I may meet it for some people but not meet it for others. I simply act as I do and say what I feel is the right thing.

  22. My Dad, who said he was an “Ally”: I don’t judge, I treat everyone equally, let me tell you this story where I didn’t discriminate against a lesbian couple and their daughter and let them rent from me, even though you didn’t ask

  23. Oh boy I sure do love living in a state that has a chance of deciding to elect someone who thinks I don’t deserve basic rights every 2-4 years that’s not stressful at all

  24. I actually went down to the thread* to see how people reacted to this and oh boy she did NOT DISAPPOINT in the defensiveness department.

  25. So I put golf balls in my pocket. Problem solved.

  26. I’ve seen pet store/veterinarian sim a couple of times!

  27. Love the idea of the apothecary simulator/alchemist. That'd be so much fun.

  28. I know right?! I’m currently playing Potion Permit and Atelier Ayesha and am in love with both. I’d love to see a Kairosoft take on the genre!

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