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  1. Hey! It's a Monday and I wish everyday was a national holiday

  2. I haven't made any friends on here. Like had this one person talk for a few days and then ghosted

  3. Oh thats pretty nice idea. I think probably think on this

  4. Maybe do whatever that you enjoy so it's more sustainable in the long run

  5. Honestly I don't know what I'm doing! Wish there was a proper guide on how to help with these kinda things

  6. One sided friendships aren't worth it. You are doing the right choice by staying away

  7. Start small and work your way up. Sometimes when I feel like I can't start doing something productive, I tell myself I'll do it for 10 minutes so I set a timer on my phone and start. Maybe you'll keep on working past the time but hey atleast its better than getting none done

  8. Yes for me the fist step is extremely hard, but once I did it was cake after that thanks

  9. Congratulations! I'm glad you're moving forward. Should always move forward, if you fall just fall forward

  10. I know what you mean. I feel a lack of passion as well, it's like the light from my soul has waned away. Hope you find a way to regain your passion back because I feel things like this that you've lost can be reclaimed with the proper guidance

  11. Acceptance is the first step to getting better...I hope you find a way that guides you back to not being as bitter as much

  12. I'm sure if you keep moving forward like this you'll make progress before you know it.

  13. I'm down for streaks and just random conversations

  14. Agreed. People say they want friends but don't even bother putting the effort

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