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  1. I wish it told you what their busting rank was, that'd be interesting

  2. The code is the same, the problem is the hints basically say "the code is 00811800"

  3. I don't see a way to understand that from what you gave

  4. Yes, what I meant was I was thought it was a Japanese only game, so I'm surprised to see there's an English version. My mistake in the original post.

  5. It's called lunar knights over here. But yes in japan it was BOKURA NO TAIYOH: DJANGO & SABATA

  6. Magicman. When he summons something that eats a big hit. Suuuuuper annoying

  7. OX. Not that you can technically get it early enough for it to do so....

  8. Any chance you can teach me how to library share I made the same mistake ?

  9. Sir…not all hero’s wear capes.

  10. Probably on sprites inc but it's down at the moment.

  11. I think this is Link, a character in BOTW. He doesn't really say much.

  12. I want my problems to be publicized to society. And the wayback machine doesn't help at all.

  13. Dang. Well that's all i could think of. I'm sorry i can't help more.

  14. I think blood mage is super fun. Lilroi is SO easy to abuse for massive hitcounts. That's not to say impaler isn't fun. But yea, bloodmage is great.

  15. im starting to think you might be conflating blood shot booster's effects for a normal ability of hers

  16. No... because it was my per hit damage, not bleed damage, and it was going up PER bleed stack

  17. yea sry no dice here, im even try using waybackmachine to see if there was any previous capture of the page for both

  18. Hmh. Maybe it was just a combination of things that caused it. I dunno. I distinctly remember it getting really buffed out alongside bleed stacks. Alongside any other "bloodsport" skills

  19. No no i'm not that good. But i am a bit of a character designer. I do weapons, characters, stuff like that.

  20. Yes, but i liked it for just all the details and nods to the series

  21. Well the suit is built to take up to 50k times normal or something, the ones Yai, Dex and Mayl were built for 30k times and at the very end I think Megaman said it was hitting 100k plus

  22. Pretty sure the sighing means "it's loki. Who else. Sigh."

  23. It's the same "speed" the sprites are just smaller so it LOOKS slower

  24. Its only one hit if its the immobile versions i believe, cant remember that well tho so might be wrong

  25. It one hits any of them.... as long as it hits the eye.

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