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  1. I just want them to fix seeing player names when aiming down sights across the map. It is almost cheating

  2. Your prayers have been answered...they do.

  3. I use Quickfix on both. Since Tier 1 isn't Hardcore you can survive better and it's actually viable. If you have someone like me to shoot down UAV's as soon as they are up then Ghost is very much irrelevant. But cold blooded is WAY more important. Especially when the VTOL's and choppers start getting called in

  4. Did they patch silenced weapons showing up with Ghost activated while UAVs are online? As soon as I shoot, enemies are aiming my way or heading my direction. Since then I removed Ghost. But yes, people need to shoot down UAVs like you and I do. It goes a long way when it happens.

  5. Look for more than 1 box bundles and the price is usually cheaper. You can opt in on for the 5500 yen price but shipping may be 2000-2200 yen. Unfortunately you will most likely always pay over the 45 USD price tag because of shipping. But yes, wait a few months and it will most likely be lower just like VMAX Climax did. However, Ebay has always been a good place to answer your question.

  6. I posted this exact thing the other day. Baffles my mind they can run full speed with it on their back.

  7. Still blows my mind that riot shields do not add a movement speed penalty when on your back. Ridiculous.

  8. Why they gotta be like that 🙌 insane luck to be unlucky, yet it happens more often than not 🥺

  9. Yeah, it happens. Over 160 packs and still no Ho Oh or Lugia V. This set is crazy. Yet I pulled Rayquaza VMax TG the other day.

  10. I am going to need a small personal loan with 50% interest to master set VStar Universe. My Master set of VMAX Climax is laughing at my wallet (granted I did God Pack VMAX Climax and got lucky for little to no Duplicates on SRs/CSRs).

  11. Singles are the way. Buying packs is our addiction.

  12. Not typical, don’t get used to it 😉 you got two full arts in one box!

  13. Awesome box! Have fun with the future collections!

  14. I use 0.5in D ring binders with Dragon Shield side loading pages, each card perfect fit sleeved within. No more than 1 set per binder. D ring binders will help alleviate damage but not a guarantee. Just have to be careful.

  15. Some kid prob made their parents mad and the parents chucked the cards out the window. No respect for the planet....

  16. Make collectable cards (full arts, alt arts, hyper rares, gold cards) harder to find for collectors and normal set carts that are playable in the TCG easier to find. No damn reason I open over 100 packs from sleeved boosters, ETBs, etc and not find the one or two playable V/VMAX/VStar cards to make a deck with.

  17. Pipeline is coming back. It's in the warzone map.

  18. I need to search out pipeline! So many good times with C4x2, UAV Jammer, and Dead Silence running MP5

  19. I opened 2 Paradigm Trigger boxes and got 2 Chesnaut SR (Full Arts). I swear if I pull more than one in English....

  20. That beautiful Gyrados though! Missed opportunity for an alt art. I love Evo Skies but damn it is cruel

  21. netcode; more specifically hitreg, desync and inconsistent damage

  22. Gotta love when you get body/headshot and they shoot your legs off and kill you first.

  23. Making me happy to buy a bunch of sleeved single packs. You still got some cool pulls but it do be rough seeing this.

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