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The Grateful Dead and their wall of sound in 1974. It was three stories high, 100 feet wide and weighed 75 tons with six independent sound systems using eleven separate channels. Because each speaker carried just one instrument or vocalist, the sound was exceptionally clear and free of distortion.

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  1. I feel like to avoid any possible protest/backlash at the first show back it’s going to have to either be expensive and/or not easy to get to place. Which would probably be Mexico. But before they could book something like that they probably need better confirmation on the numbers of people they can be sure will pay for it. Which is what the website and membership I think is. It won’t be a fest.

  2. Dopapod-Never Odd or Even just a great album

  3. Mountain Jam/ 20 minute prog rock songs from bands like Gentle Giant sent me in the jam direction. Then hearing papadosio for the first time around the same time I stumbled into a Dopapod show at a fest. Finally drinking with some old deadheads at my regular bar for years and it caught on.

  4. No idea they had to have been like 19 years old. Heard one say they were from Texas and the other from NH.

  5. I tend to find myself laying and listening from a distance with my eyes closed more than not lol

  6. Haven't listened to Witchcraft in a longg time. But definitely what comes to mind when I think "folk doom".

  7. And the lead singer of witchcraft has a solo project that is all acoustic- Pelander. I think works with what OP is talking about.

  8. Prayer for all the lost souls who disappeared up their own ass at the age of 14 and never made it back home. Forever in our hearts.

  9. This is totally some edgy 14yo opinion that Black Sabbath isn’t doom and they love fighting every other fan about this lol there isn’t a more cut and dry agreed upon thing in music.

  10. Rage Against The Machine based their sound off of The Beastie Boys' "Sabotage".

  11. Sure sounds like it but rages first album came out before Sabotage

  12. There is so much Springsteen in The War On Drugs definitely not just the don Henley song.

  13. It’s not great. Not super easy to follow and don’t agree with some lineages. More specifically Kiss and Zeppelin being in the same header seems wrong. Was definitely made by someone who only has a very general non-intimate knowledge of music. They may know the band from each genre that has popped into mainstream once and that’s about it. In the genres where they list the 60s bands then the 90s , like in garage rock/pop rock/prog those 90s bands added are so out of places being jammed in there and doesn’t help support the family tree aspect.

  14. Even crazier is the bearded Phil and shaved Jerry lol

  15. Black America has a distinct culture with its own music. Same with Latinos and other cultural groups. I know you’re well-intentioned, but it’s actually perfectly ok for people to have their own distinct cultures rather than adopting yours. I know you’re pushing for diversity and inclusion, but it reads in some ways as pushing white culture on to non-white people. I would go as far to say that this is a (relatively harmless) manifestation of your own notions of white cultural supremacy

  16. Goddamn this is the perfect response to that question.

  17. Take them to see a live cover band, didn’t care for it til hearing it played live. Whole different energy and the friendliness of the people there can be a welcome change to the aggressive/too cool for school attitude at metal and punk scenes. It’s one of the first immediate things that drew me into the jam/edm scene after being around metal heads and judgmental punk/alt scenes of my younger days. And drugs as others have said.

  18. After years of being annoyed at the bar when someone would put on a 20 minute dead song i started catching cover bands at bars in the area summer of 2018 and it hit me hard. That and having the melody of eyes of the world stuck in my head after kind of seeing Phil and friends in 2017 before I knew what it was.

  19. Oh Louisiana - chuck berry not really tropical but it’ll fit the vibe.

  20. Untold Stories - Buju Banton also, don’t forget to share the playlist can’t wait to hear it !

  21. So as a life long Queen fan (born in the 90s) I can't help but to disagree with this statement. Queen was everywhere growing up, always in the public eye. And no Freddie didn't do pop, but he was a talented artist that anyone could take inspiration from. And maybe Queen has become more popular with younger people because of the film, but that is good.... So yes please stop this nonsense

  22. My experience as well, born in the 90s and queen was always present and never any sort of secret lol. Between bohemian rhapsody being it’s own meme for the past 40 years and we will rock you/ we are the champions being a staple of sporting events it’s never not been a part of the culture. They were literally the first band to over take the Beatles as Britain’s favorite band in polls. That movie did so little to helps queens popularity.

  23. I'm proud of most my playlists (not all).

  24. Very interested in this dxm playlist thanks!


  26. With a puppy that got an edible once and thought it was going to die it was terrifying, but it made it out okay I’d just sit with it make sure it doesn’t pass out in some bad position.

  27. If my songs become my freedom, and my freedom turns to gold Then I'll ask the final question, if the answer could be sold

  28. If you haven’t seen it look up the documentary about the band and how they got taken for all their money TWICE , we’ll the main dude atleast. Really sad actually for a guy that seemed too nice and trusting.

  29. I'm going to see these guys headline a little michigan fest next weekend. I did the math yesterday, I showed my wife dopapod a year ago, since then, we've seen them 5 times. She is obsessed, I love it.

  30. So happy I red this comment didn’t know this fest existed thanks!

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