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AITA for not adding a third bathroom to our house?

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  1. I have gone to 5 therapist here in India and none of them knew about it lol . One psychologist looked it up on his phone and was like ' oh damn, learned something new today. Thank you ' . I mean that was funny to hear but also very depressing since no one seems to understand me.

  2. By literally opening zomato and forcing food to make me happy

  3. As far as I know, this is standard protocol in most airports. I dont know about Kochi aiport but most airports do ask even women to remove jewellery and even sandals if they appear to be closed or bejeweled. If I were you I wouldn't think much of it, especially about the women laughing at you, as chances are that you are never going to see them again. So forget and move on.

  4. The question isn't about forgetting and moving on. He was asking about the double standards shown here and you conveniently glossed over that again showing the mentality of the people working there and yourself. He was asking why woman get preferential treatment over men

  5. You want women to be patted down in public? Men and women remove belt and shoes in the open bro. She is taken to a separate room as most of the bras have metal and it is checked. Enthuvado?

  6. It's like you're paralyzed but can make sense of everything around you. You can rationalize everything but it makes no difference to your reality

  7. Lol you would make a great parent😂..thank god I didn't have people like u taking care of me. You're a wretched beast bound for the abyss

  8. No. Racism can exist based on what how a name reads on a resume.

  9. And lookism can downtrod you into an emotional abyss from your youth. Atleast with racism you still have your community that will stand with you, but with lookism you have no one. You are treated like a disgusting creature no one wants to associate with. I think it's worse

  10. People around you will try to project their insecurities on you. Please ignore and move on. Having said that learning to drive is a good skill to acquire but not knowing it doesn't make you any less of a man.

  11. Kizhi porottas...ffs what makes porotta good is they are crispy, hot and layered. I dont want some soggy ass porotta that's been soaking in some chicken curry which is probably more watery than thick with some other abominations to top it off and then steamed to make it even more horrendous . Seriously , u guys like soggy porotta😬

  12. Dude datura would kill you even at very low doses. It's extremely unlikely he tripped on datura

  13. One simple thing from the western countries that I really miss in Kerala is the pavement / walkway. In Kerala if I wanted to go for a walk, there is no separation between the road and pavement and so you are at risk of being hit by every scooter and auto. Your only real option is to drive to somewhere quiet to walk - slightly ironic - having to drive so that you can walk!

  14. Christians used to have the most influence but the number of Christians are decreasing rapidly. Either Christians have lesser kids or Christians are moving out of kerala

  15. Dude..people here literally won't even give skin on chicken saying that they don't know how to cut the chicken without taking off the skin let alone give u specific cuts

  16. Sorry, but technically, this does feel borderline creepy/weird to me. If you asked this question with a separate post and all, then that would be borderline creepy/weird. Just clarifying the levels of creepiness from my POV.

  17. Why is it creepy?? Did u feel the original post as creepy?? If not then stfu

  18. Dude I have a friend in college who wants to marry his cousin sister because he calls her his 'mora penu' 🤢🤮🤮 do I change this dudes ways

  19. That's the least of his worries. All such tricks have been tried and failed

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