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[Post Game Thread] #5 San Diego State defeats #1 Alabama, 71-64

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  1. So a projected 6th round pick was absolutely not worth taking at #87, but he’s a steal with pick #102?

  2. Jury is still out on Kwesi but I trust Flores and this was his pick

  3. why the fuck is draymond talking to fans like he was not the aggressor on that play?

  4. I'm signed up for a full marathon this summer but got sick and fell way behind in my training. I'm considering switching to the half marathon but the registration is full. What is the ettiquette with running the half instead even though i'm not registered?

  5. Ehh i wanted iowa to win but clark talks plenty of trash too. She did that shit to louisville

  6. There’s a difference between talking shit in the heat of the game and talking shit in garbage time when you’re about to win a national championship. The latter is classless and pretty embarrassing imo.

  7. Easy to complain about a homophobic hunger games character

  8. Biggest audience of the year. Literally the only reason people are watching is because of Kaitlyn Clark and these stupid refs decide to call ticky tack fouls on her. Lol can’t make this stuff up

  9. I’m personally tuning in to watch the refs

  10. The lineup after the top 3 is hilariously bad lmao

  11. I understand the arguments both for and against keeping him, but man am I glad he's still with us. Would've been tough to see him ball out elsewhere. Wonder what this means for Dalvin

  12. People who say how blatant the late hit was need to actually look at it. When contact is made, Mahomes had stepped half of a toe out of bounds.

  13. Yes but he extends his forearm and pushed him after this picture

  14. We will never get an explanation for why that was blown dead, huh?

  15. The clock was running when it shouldn’t have been. Previous play was an incomplete pass

  16. Is Romo happy about it or what lol

  17. Your defense made Daniel Jones look like the GOAT. Idk why he’s throwing Kirk under the bus

  18. Maybe in the minority but I’m happy with this season. Losing the playoff game sucks but it’s the first year in a new system with a new head coach and GM and we won the division

  19. Best thing you can do as a Vikings fan is expect the worse and hope for the best. Find humor in their worst and joy in their best.

  20. Oh trust me I’m used to that. Doesn’t make the loss hurt less though

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