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  1. Im glad everyone is finally speaking on this. He clearly could gut it out if he wanted. Hes hold himself out to save his body for another team knowing the Ravens wont offer him the bag.

  2. Several reports that he still has "extreme swelling" in his knee, but yeah gut it out ez pz lemon squezy

  3. I’m pretty sure Lamar’s agent wrote that tweet

  4. Keep that tinfoil hat on buddy, lamar is definitely holding out and not wanting to play even though he is still getting treatment on his knee and there are multiple reports of him still not being 100% yet!

  5. A true Raven. Given a way too big contract and proceed to get hurt lol

  6. He got that contract after he got hurt, just really really weird by EDC..

  7. Huntley can't throw for more than 15 yards downfield, dude has absolutely no zip on his throws compared to LJ

  8. Reading some comments on that post yesterday made my head fully spin.. Insane how ppl turn on a guy so quickly with absolutely no credible reporting

  9. He was waving his hands with 15 seconds left, he never got a play call in. Not his fault greg roman is asleep on the job

  10. We're often on greg's ass but that 3rd down call was a thing of beauty my goddddd

  11. We often on greg's ass but that 3rd down call was a thing of beauty my goddddd

  12. No they didnt, the first wan towards Netherland to muck them..

  13. after Dumfries and Weghorst got in the face of every Argentinian walking to take a penalty, what did they expect?

  14. Yep typically on 3rd and goal you want your players in the end zone….

  15. If the best play call on 3rd and long is to send 4 verts we might have a situation going on...

  16. So what’s the better call?? This style of defense is to defend the end zone and tackle anything underneath.

  17. Run some crosses or something man try to be a little creative at least...

  18. This is a response to an article written by Jamison Hensley saying that he: "responded to a social media post Sunday that criticized his performance with a profanity-laced tweet that included an anti-gay phrase."

  19. My guy....Lamar literally said, "I hurt my hip." He has also been listed on the injury report this year after the Browns game with a hip issue. This isn't new. Why would you ignore what the player himself literally said to favor an injury report, put out by PR mind you, that goes with what you want to hear?

  20. Wait you think the hip injury designation from this year is because of the flip form last year??? Please tell me you don think this dawg😭😭

  21. No, man. I'm saying Lamar has hurt his hip/butt a few times now. That's all I was originally saying. Let's stop beefing about this. We all agree Lamar is dope,hope he's ok and love the Ravens.

  22. Im not denying his hip is hurt or whatever i just see ppl point to that flip whenever his hip is mentioned saying he missed practice because of that particular flip which is simply not true.. The dude gets blasted by 250+ pound men on occasion, that flip is peanuts compared to hits he takes

  23. These Balde crosses with his wrong foot are better than the average RB crossing with his natural foot, kid is special

  24. Has Lamar ever attempted this many passes in a game before? Honest question because I can’t remember seeing a ravens game with that number of attempts in the past few years.

  25. colts game last year he had like 42 attempts or something

  26. Xavi will be on official fraudwatch if he doesn't start Frenkie

  27. Try the official NFL app, you can hide scores and their highlights dont show any spoilers on the thumbnail

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