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  1. Also my best advice is master your current roll and take something and own it. That could be customer connection, drive times, inventory. All my interview questions were about things I did as a ss

  2. Just my two cents take it or leave it. I am a ssv at a high volume store, the highest I our district. Our labor and many other stores labor is getting slashed big time. Myself and all other SSVs haven’t been getting breaks, 10 or 30, the last week because it’d mean a solo bar, solo DT and solo front and oven. Which is an impossible play when you have a line of 20 cars in DT and line through the cafe. So ask yourself if you would feel comfortable telling your coworkers to “deal with it we don’t have the labor.”

  3. Thank you- really good advice. I feel you though- not sure where you’re located but being a high volume dt store, one of the busiest in my district, I’m lucky if I have a 4 person floor for peak now. It’s not right at all. They’re cutting labor yet we have record profits. It’s tough

  4. That’s wild. It does seem weird to someone on the outside, but when you’re in a vulnerable spot and it appears someone in authority is threatening you, it can cause people to do who knows what

  5. from what i know- they sometimes make you take the money out of the safe or current deposit and have you do a money order, then sometimes ask for the phone to be given to other baristas. then they manipulate/convince people to venmo/zelle. especially when they’re impersonating the cops- people probably just go along with it :/ i know around here they spoof the local police station’s actual number, and then read off a badge number. it seems legit till u hear what they want u to do

  6. i believe he said he was with the police department (which is even more crazy bc dont we use a separate security company??)

  7. yup- really common scam :( happened to a store in my area last year and they fell for it :(

  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!! I used Lyra briefly last year & loved it (before finding my own in-network therapist local) so I really am hoping they can use it. Genuinely really appreciate it! Here’s to hoping the taxes aren’t too high :)

  9. I saw this on Instagram and was instantly confused…since I don’t get how you could copyright a drink recipe? Idk

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