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Vladimir Putin consulted with a fortune teller. He asked:

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  1. I moved into a house share that only had one person living in at the time. On day I moved in I sorted out my stuff and heard this guy get home I went into the kitchen and said hello and asked his name he said he didn’t have time for this and slammed a draw and went up stairs. Shortly after I heard him scream the guy unfortunately had grabbed a knife and had stabbed himself and he died.

  2. Even their spork has a slightly evil look to it. Very on brand.

  3. The nation he destroyed was his own.

  4. Invalided record. He is literally holding a walking stick.

  5. A crew of archaeologists armed slim knives and cotton buds, gently trying to prise apart the pages 🤢

  6. I honestly don’t know and I’ve been think about it for time.

  7. Telling me what your husband thinks about some minor feedback I gave you yesterday.

  8. Telling me every time I freeze on a teams call.

  9. Guy Martin. Seems like a good guy. Kinda guy you want to go have a pint with. Would be gutted if he was a knob.

  10. No way - that will be bloody awful. Get a van

  11. The car that beeped at you wasn't moving so it's up to them to be aware of their surroundings before moving off. Why were they surprised that you were suddenly in front of them I wonder? Lack of awareness.

  12. They weren’t surprised- I read the beep to be “ you cheeky fucker - pushing in”.

  13. Fair, I wish people would move away from the pushing in mentality though. There's no point; you're just gonna stop at a red light soon anyway...

  14. Yeah, it would be nice, especially for bikes that are likely to be moving quicker through traffic.

  15. No offence mate but your dog is a greedy little bastard.

  16. My bad, I thought I had read that somewhere. But I'm so glad to hear that's not the case.

  17. In fairness I’m new to it all and thought of any cia involvement really was a big no no. The more I read that they had very little to do with the program creation the better I feel.

  18. The skier is great, but I had missed that the grass actually gets cut on the mower - nice touch.

  19. Anytime mang. Depending on what you are using it for, you might want to take a look at neuroplasticity, and transcendental meditation. My personal goal with gateway is to reach the fullest measure of my own expanded consciousness so I've come to throw a few things together.

  20. Awesome - just starting out so appreciate it.

  21. Looks like he could have come down full force on the robber but held back.

  22. Yeah there was that one bit (1:41) when he could have bought the knife down on the robber. Great restraint and tbh if I think it would have been 50/50 ref self defence. If he’d have killed him like that I would have thought he’d be in pretty deep shit as it looked like the robber was trying to disengage and escape.

  23. This.... Right.... Here.... I bet that Indian ain't had its first oil change. However, worn out patches on a Harley with a bad paint job... That man will strip the copper out your house while you sleep and kick your ass if you wake up lol.

  24. But won’t be able to outrun the cops. 😉

  25. My kids are mixed race and no one in my husband’s family has ever speculated on what they would look like skin tone wise. That’s some truly ignorant shit.

  26. Nah, it’s completely normal. It’s exactly the same as saying I wonder if they will have my nose, your ears, my black hair, your red hair. Etc

  27. Did you get his registration so we can issue him a warning?

  28. Yeah 🤞 for a good one. The very first one is some of the best content on YT.

  29. Just say it’s a Honda BigDong 3000 twin turbo. The V12 edition.

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