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  1. When I was mid twenties, a lad started in our office, nice guy, first job.

  2. I think this too. Why tf do you want to pay to see some wax figures? Even if I gave a shit about any of the famous people they’re based off it’s fucking wax lol. Waste of money imo.

  3. I used a cold chisel to get the M10 one off. I had bought a replacement set before I dove into it. Best way imo.

  4. Yeah, that’s exactly my experience- a disposable part unfortunately.

  5. At my posh aunties house all standing around making small talk. My son toddles over and gets our attention.

  6. This was very funny, but I must say, that “he’s very loud but it’s cute” comment applies to you and you alone.

  7. Exactly what I always used to say, usually at the same time they said it. But then I hit 40 and now when anyone asks "you alright" I reply "getting there", and I don't know why.

  8. I hear that’s the last stop before “no I’m half left”

  9. Somewhere there’s a wrestler called Clem Fandango.

  10. Probably being a bit slow here but why do they need the first ring? Couldn’t the blue string just hold the second ring?

  11. For so many people, over the next 20 years it will be privilege to buy a Ukrainian a pint.

  12. Please send them 0.75p as a token of goodwill and post the next letter here.

  13. Very cool, but….the whole use of the desktop icons etc was the core concept wasn’t it?

  14. We Americans think English people are all “proper” and therefore swear less than us. Actually the typical English person’s speech is much filthier than in our Puritanical U.S…

  15. That’s hilarious-I always laugh when I hear an American say “frick” or “darn”. That’s a “fuck” and “bollocks” every time.

  16. There is absolutely a hilarious American thing of using substitute oaths like "frikkin" or "that's messed up!" especially as you get outside of the big cities (and into church youth group type scenes)

  17. That’s my big American stereotype - two kids at church camp telling each other to frick off you big jerk, and then sitting there hanging their heads whilst the camp councillor looks really disappointed.

  18. This is exactly what happens anytime I’m winning a fight.

  19. Facts: Camels has two form of aggression amongst themselves:

  20. That’s seriously skilled. Not into this at all but always though it was just blast the big bouncy truck up the jump.

  21. I remember the 'apparatus' which was a big wooden climbing frame that folded out from the wall in the hall and had several ropes that you could climb up to the ceiling. And those long, low wooden benches that you could turn upside down and use as a balance beam.

  22. I “think” we used this once, possibly when another teacher covered PE. This could be a false memory but it was like the end of the goonies, everyone swinging from one beam to the other on ropes in a swashbuckling way.

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