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whenever I see a car with a ticket I chuck it in the bin so the driver doesn't have to pay. What act of kindness do you do for strangers?

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  1. I feel like these are the real reasons. I drive at or around the speed limit and the times I remember being followed by a bike and not overtaken are probably in single digits. It’s good to know there are more sensible riders out there.

  2. Bikes don’t handle as well as sporty cars so it’s not that surprising you caught them on the bends - especially if you know the road well.

  3. it's particularly the braking performance, Bikes are light but all the brake force comes down to a credit card sized piece of the front tyre so you have to start braking way earlier than in a car where you can just mosh the pedal and turn in while still scrubbing speed. knowing the road is obviously a huge factor. you can bait Porsches in a Rascal van if you know the road and they don't :)

  4. That’s defo a factor as well, plus the consequences are waaaay more severe if you get something wrong on a bike.

  5. Would have preferred this explanation on how a protractor works than the one I was given in school

  6. I didn’t know know about this. Finally I can learn from someone else’s mistake!

  7. Ah but when Americans say shit like that they're comparing to rich, white Americans because noone else counts as people in their country

  8. The Americans play the numbers game on teeth. Just one privately funded Hollywood smile, balances out 32 meth addicts with a solitary stump each.

  9. That took 0.00003 microseconds to pop into my head when I saw that picture. Bravo

  10. Americans who complain about stepping on Lego will never know the pain of stepping on a 3 prong plug

  11. Get two pieces of aluminium or hard wood and sandwich it in a vice.

  12. This - although that looks pretty bad…..good luck

  13. I never pick up my pit bulls poo so the local kids know my preferred walking route and can minimise their chances of getting savaged.

  14. I was hospitalized for about two months, broke the left side of my face and an orbital blow out, shattered both arms brain bleeds, bruised aorta, ivc filter to stop the blood clots, daily injections to thin the clots, more mri and other tests, so in short changed my life. Couldn't pee by myself, left arm Percutaneous pinning and an external fixator. Couldn't pull in a clutch for a year, after therapy. Took an additional 6 months to get back on a different bike with easier clutch. Memory loss, and a fuck ton of arthritis issues now. I am more careful now, and riding cruisers, and it's more dangerous with more people on the roads "not paying attention".

  15. Ripped the helmet off your head and the strap did your jaw? That sounds like no joke at all. Glad you made it.

  16. Is this still an issue? I believe in the 80s/90s the JW were a pretty full on but I reckon I get a knock once every 18months and they are polite and leave straight away when I say “not for me thanks”.

  17. I get them every year. I tell them I'm not interested and ask if they would like a bottle of water because it's 100+ degrees outside. Maybe the ones who come by my neighborhood just happen to be the friendly ones but a 5 second conversation once per year is hardly an imposition. I've never really understood the hate they get.

  18. Yeah maybe they have already started the process on me but they always seem like really nice people……😂

  19. It’s a 50/50. Both parties need to make some effort.

  20. I imagine there’s a really good chance it’s either:

  21. Shit actor but canny investor - Grint put all his money in property

  22. I thought Grints performance in that film about a fat lad farting his way into space was top notch.

  23. Mind you I agree with you, but consider the bias behind the stereotype. Italians travel relatively little I'd say, and for long stays (eg study/work) the UK is maybe one of the most popular destination because 1) pretty much everyone nowadays studies English and learns the language and 2) the UK is a great place to go for some type of study/work and the fact that English is spoken by everyone is a definite plus and 3) the US is another English speaking country but it's much farther away and much more..odd.

  24. Makes sense and in fairness stuff like carpets in the toilet is very grim (although I know no one with this), throwing up in the street etc isn’t the best.

  25. That’s hilarious. I think even most brits would consider Lynx africa a crime.

  26. You’re one of the good guys OP. 👍 nice work.

  27. I don’t think he made it up, but who knows? Just what he told me. Defo could be exaggerating and she shot him with a can of impulse.

  28. You could have turned around and gone a different way, or slowed down or whatever, but there's a flip side to this sort of thing that I don't think is thought about a lot.

  29. That’s a nice way to think of it. I think you did the right thing OP.

  30. Yes I'll try.... and if not I'll cough on somebody who will cough on you

  31. I've just had raw bat for my tea cos I'm sick of the traffic

  32. Can you pop round and cough on me after work tomorrow pal?

  33. Went recently for the first time in the Mendips (neither of us are from that area)

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